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Stepping Into a New Chapter

Every single person who has been touched by cancer remembers the moment their life was changed forever. There's before cancer - and after. For me, my moment came over seventeen years ago, when standing in my parents' kitchen, I knew my life would never be the same.

You're part of the ZERO community because you or someone in your life has had that moment. And in search of education, support, or a need to give back, you reached out and became part of something greater than yourself. It is with a deep sense of purpose that I reach out to you as the new President and CEO of ZERO Prostate Cancer. In the brief time since I assumed this role, I have been profoundly moved by the dedication and passion that radiate from every corner of our organization.

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Cancer is personal to me. Both my father and uncle are prostate cancer survivors. My brother and I both faced cancer ourselves in our 20s. Over the decades, I've dedicated my personal and professional life to advocating for increased cancer awareness, funding, patient resources, and health equity. As a leader at other national nonprofits including Susan G. Komen and JDRF, I'm familiar with the challenges and opportunities we face.

I am profoundly humbled to step into the shoes of leadership here at ZERO. Together with our exceptional team and the steadfast support of supporters like you, I am fully committed to advancing our mission of zero prostate cancer deaths, zero prostate cancer cases, and improved quality of life for those living with the disease.

You and I know early detection saves lives. Yet many men still don't understand their risks or get screened, especially Black men, veterans, and other high-risk populations. We also know there are significant gaps prostate cancer patients face in getting access to equitable care and the support they need throughout their cancer journeys. Additionally, research needs to be funded at higher levels to drive new diagnostics and treatment options to save more lives.

In the coming weeks and months, I'm eager to connect with each and every one of you, listen to your insights, and collaborate on strategies that will enable us to make an even greater impact. I'm convinced that by leveraging our collective strengths and fostering innovative approaches, we can create a world where prostate cancer is a thing of the past. Until we meet in person, I'm sharing this short video message. I look forward to sharing more as we move into Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

Thank you for your unwavering support of ZERO Prostate Cancer. Together, we will make a lasting difference in the lives of those affected by this disease. I'm honored to lead this charge, and I look forward to the journey ahead.

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