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by Yvonne Poindexter   |   August 30, 2022

A Widow’s Plea for Early Detection: You Can Save a Life Today

Poindexter family

Can a routine test save a life?

I’m here to tell you, yes, it can. Early detection of prostate cancer gives patients the best chance of living longer. The 5-year survival rate is over 99 percent when prostate cancer is caught early. 

Henry, my late husband, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2001. Henry had been an active man showing no signs of illness, and his diagnosis came as a shock. His prostate cancer diagnosis followed decades of hard work balancing a busy career and raising children. We looked forward to our shared retirement, a slower pace of life, and time spent with our grandchildren, but his diagnosis stole that dream away from us. If only Henry’s prostate cancer had been detected earlier.

For my family, the devastating effects of prostate cancer are multi-generational, and I’m sorry to say it didn’t end with Henry. Two of my brothers were diagnosed with prostate cancer, with my older brother diagnosed the same year as Henry. After Henry’s passing, several of our nephews were also diagnosed with the disease, and our two sons, Jon and Edward, are on high alert. Again and again our family and many others endure the tragedy brought by prostate cancer. While it breaks my heart to have my sons facing a likely future with prostate cancer, with regular screening, they’ll have a much better chance of avoiding the same tragic fate as Henry. More men deserve this chance.

Early detection of prostate cancer is our best defense against this terrible disease. In honor of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, please join my family and me in saying enough is enough. Our loved ones deserve to know their risks. Together, we can get men back on track for regular screenings that were postponed because of the pandemic. The need is urgent. Black men are 1.7 times more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than other racial groups.

While I can’t change what happened to my family, I want to help yours and other families nationwide give their fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, and sons a fighting chance. You can help prevent this disease from harming another family by sharing our call-to-action: EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES.

Team Poindexter in 2015