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by Jodi Sarabia   |   July 17, 2018

My Grandfather’s Legacy

I was 14 years old when my grandfather was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His cancer moved quickly – he was diagnosed early in 2000, and when I went to see him that same Christmas his health had deteriorated significantly. He ate his last meal on Christmas evening, and lost his battle to the disease in February 2001.

My grandfather was my role model, and the person I looked up to most in the world; I still have the greatest memories of him. He was a very unselfish man, an Army veteran and volunteer firefighter who worked until he couldn’t anymore because of his treatment. He was taken from our family too early, and I miss him every day.

His motto was to live your life to the fullest, and he always did just that. This year I decided to honor his memory with a birthday fundraiser for ZERO on Facebook. I don’t want other families to feel the same pain that ours has because of this terrible disease. If I can help other families by raising money for research and assistance for patients through ZERO, then I know I’m doing everything I can, and that my grandfather would be proud. It’s just one small thing, but it helps so many men like my grandpa and makes all the difference to help other families improve their chances of not losing someone they love to prostate cancer.

Every dollar counts; why don’t you join me and create a birthday (or any kind!) of fundraiser of your own?