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by   |   August 28, 2019

Making an Impact – Grow & Give 2019

This summer, I had the privilege of being a major contributor to the fight to end prostate cancer through spearheading ZERO’s annual facial hair growing campaign – Grow & Give! ZERO’s goal is to raise $250,000 with this year’s campaign, which means recruiting more police agencies, local companies, friends, and family to participate. It was my mission specifically to reach out to police departments across the country to build relationships and recruit new teams. The Grow & Give (G&G) campaign aims to spread awareness and education about the importance of early detection, but also raise money to fuel our comprehensive patient support programs to provide men with the resources they need during their fight against prostate cancer.

I had the pleasure of participating in many G&G activities, one of which was an onsite filming with the Laurel, Maryland Police Department to make a special G&G promo video. They have been a Top Team of ZERO’s Grow & Give Campaign for several years, so it was awesome to meet and talk with some of the leaders! Participating in several meetings with local police departments to discuss G&G, photographing them in their offices, and seeing their involvement and interaction with the community, was truly a rewarding experience.

By the end of my internship, I recruited the first agency, Forty Fort Police Department, to register and make the first donation towards Grow & Give 2019. This $100 donation made me feel like a rockstar as I have been dedicating so much effort to educate the community about this opportunity to take action in the fight to end prostate cancer! As I am ending my internship, I cannot wait to see all that Grow & Give accomplishes in November.

I hope that my hard work has paid off and we are able to surpass our goal of $250,000 through more team registrations, which will lead to helping more men and their families.

Register for Grow & Give 2019 and check out the campaign I have been working on all summer! Together, we are GROWING to end prostate cancer! For more information about Grow & Give, call Shawn Supers at 202-344-9058 or email her at shawn@zerocancer.org.