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by Sanford Siegel, M.D.   |   June 25, 2018

I Have Prostate Cancer

I have been a doctor for over thirty years, and have taken care of men stricken with prostate cancer. For over a decade I’ve worked alongside my colleagues and ZERO and together we have raised over $4 million dollars to fund research, provide free screenings, and to educate the community about this disease. Each year 225,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Now, I am one of the 225,000! I have prostate cancer. Yes, me. It can happen to anyone.

I did not ask ‘why me’ and I spent very little time feeling sorry for myself. My thoughts turned to my family, my community, and all of the men and their families that have been touched by prostate cancer. I have completed my treatment by the very best, our own Chesapeake Urology doctors and staff. Now I am asking you for your help. I need your support for all the men and their families dealing with this disease.

NOW you know why this is now so personal. I am more dedicated than ever to increasing awareness, to becoming an even stronger advocate for men’s health issues, and to raising even more money to find a cure. I hope you will join me in these efforts! At last year’s ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk in Baltimore, we raised $515,000 together! I want to raise $1,000,000 this year and I believe we can do it. In a little more than three months we will host our 12th annual ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk in Baltimore. It is now time to kickoff registration, start building your teams, and get fundraising into high gear!

Over the last 11 years our community has helped raise more than $4,000,000. Chesapeake Urology’s cancer care program has provided free cancer screenings to over 8,800 men in Maryland and saved lives by diagnosing many men’s cancers. Our prostate cancer research scholarship has been fully funded to $1,100,000 and now we have started our second scholarship to help inspire urologists to publish scientific and clinical papers to advance our understanding of prostate cancer, genetics, and treatment.

I hope you’ll join our prostate cancer survivors (I will be one of them, hopefully), Baltimore sports celebrities, Chesapeake Urology, and more than 3,000 men, women, and children who are helping us to make a difference in Baltimore this September. If you’re not in Baltimore, you can find your local Run/Walk on ZERO’s website.