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I am a Prostate Cancer Warrior

I am a prostate cancer warrior.

I was diagnosed in 2002. With a normal PSA and DRE, I initially had no indication of the disease. However, I had a doctor who encouraged me to get a second opinion, which resulted in a positive biopsy. I was blindsided by the diagnosis, but decided to have surgery shortly after.

Charlie Hill Prostate Cancer Warrior and friends

A few years later, the doctors discovered that my cancer had returned, likely due to microscopic metastases that were initially undetectable. I’m also battling Lymphoma that was diagnosed in 2011, but I don’t consider myself a Lymphoma or prostate cancer survivor: I’m a prostate cancer warrior.

When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I did all the research I could. I now dedicate my life to ensuring that men and their families are as informed as they can be on the disease and the importance of early detection. In 2007, I co-founded the Hampton Roads Prostate Health Forum, a nonprofit dedicated to providing men and families with necessary information about prostate cancer, awareness, and early detection. I teamed up with the ZERO Run/Walk in Virginia Beach and Urology of Virginia – where I am a patient – and do my best to help increase awareness in the Hampton Roads area by hosting prostate health education and screening events in the Hampton Roads area, funded in part by a local impact grant from ZERO.

Events like ZERO’s Run/Walk series help reach men and families, as well as people who may have never considered their risk for prostate cancer. I aspire to be a strong advocate for these events, because the awareness they bring is vital. I’m determined to ensure all men have the knowledge they need to be prostate cancer warriors themselves. Knowledge, faith, and early detection matter most when it comes to prostate cancer.
If you live in the Hampton Roads area, hopefully I’ll see you at the next Run/Walk on November 11th!


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Charlie Hill Prostate Cancer Warrior and friends
Charlie Hill

Charlie Hill is a prostate cancer warrior. He has spoken at ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk events in Virginia Beach, and fights tirelessly alongside ZERO as a partner in better informing men about the disease.