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by Greden “OfficialChiKa” Camacho   |   October 27, 2021

Charity Streaming to End Prostate Cancer

I’m Greden Camacho
To date, I have raised thousands of dollars through philanthropic efforts and charitable streams for organizations and nonprofits through my platform, OfficialChiKa Gaming. While I believe you never need to wait for a dedicated month to get involved, Prostate Cancer Awareness Month serves as an opportunity for education and social responsibility. So, I was happy to join ZERO this year in their initiatives and commitment to educating men and their families about prostate cancer. The initiatives include educating others on how we can make a difference as a community by sharing the basics of prostate cancer and resources available for those affected or diagnosed. While charity streaming is still a relatively new phenomenon, they are beneficial for company culture, the community abroad, and an integral part of the gaming community.

( Pictured:OfficialChiKa Gaming x ZERO Prostate Cancer PAINTING FOR A CAUSE WITH CHIKASSO a project by Greden “OfficialChiKa” Camacho

Technology empowers streaming enthusiasts in the gaming community to raise money for charitable causes. It serves as a powerful tool for nonprofit fundraising efforts, brands, and streamers. As a result, charity streaming is arguably a significant cornerstone for most nonprofit fundraising efforts, and the pandemic was a vital catalyst for that. Although future campaigns and events will presumably go back to in-person, the internet has changed how seamlessly we can integrate virtual and in-person actions for a more unified experience. Charitable streams allow us to efficiently and effectively increase campaign visibility and amplify awareness globally.

Pictured: OfficialChiKa Gaming x ZERO Prostate Cancer PAINTING FOR A CAUSE WITH CHIKASSO a project by Greden “OfficialChiKa” Camacho

Broadcasting video games are raising millions for charities across the world. Like most sports, charity events are a spectacle to watch, even for non-endemic brands! For many brands, streamers are a powerful driving tool for raising awareness in a live streaming setting. Since streaming is not limited to gaming, there are many innovative and creative ways to reach and connect with people. Like any project, partnering with a cause and building a successful charity stream requires a plan, organization, marketing, and authentic social responsibility. However, these streams minimize the overhead costs of running physical events, which opens the doors for revenue that did not exist before. Hence, making charity streaming a novel and an increasingly popular form of fundraising in the gaming community and beyond.

Pictured: OfficialChiKa Gaming x ZERO Prostate Cancer PAINTING FOR A CAUSE WITH CHIKASSO a project by Greden “OfficialChiKa” Camacho

Charitable streaming is unparalleled, and recent numbers and studies suggest that live streaming in the gaming space is going strong, with no signs of slowing down. With the limitless options it presents, such as building personal connections on a global scale, non-endemic brand integrations, and an affordable strategy for organizations, live charitable streams are arguably the future of fundraising. Technology has propelled how the world interacts with increased awareness, credibility, and fundraising outcomes by influencer-backed initiatives. We can expect opportunities for charitable causes to grow for brands as live stream offerings continue to grow and expand across platforms and businesses. Community and authenticity are at the heart of charity streams, and brands taking part in charity streaming have reaped the benefits of executing impactful campaigns and positively increasing company culture.

Pictured: OfficialChiKa Gaming x ZERO Prostate Cancer PAINTING FOR A CAUSE WITH CHIKASSO a project by Greden “OfficialChiKa” Camacho