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by Cienna Breen   |   May 2, 2017

Bring Prostate Cancer Awareness to A Community Event Near You

Two years ago this month, we started our Community Awareness Toolkit program to help advocates across the country spread knowledge about prostate cancer at community health events. That first year, we sent 42 toolkits. Last year, our wonderful advocates upped that number to 68. In 2017, we’re on track to send over 100 toolkits to dedicated advocates nationwide.

These days, advocates are setting up prostate cancer awareness tables not just at health fairs, but also at basketball games, art festivals, comedy shows, trivia nights, church events, company holiday parties, and yard sales.

What’s in a toolkit, you ask? Each toolkit includes information about prostate cancer that you can share with the crowd, a worksheet to help people understand their family history of the disease, information about ZERO and our patient programs (such as the ZERO360 navigation program), a tablecloth, and wristbands or other giveaways. Each kit is customizable, so if there is specific information you want to share, we can include that too. We’ll make sure you have everything you need! If you’ve ever felt like you want to get more involved in spreading awareness about prostate cancer but you don’t know where to begin, a Community Awareness Toolkit is a good place to start.

Where can you find events to display this prostate cancer awareness tool? Local healthcare facilities, religious centers, and health-focused nonprofit organizations are common hosts of community health events at which you may be able to set up a table. Many companies also hold corporate wellness events for employees. If health fairs are not your thing, no problem! Our local advocates have also set up awareness tables many types of other events. If you know of a community or social event, consider what type of event it is, who is hosting it, and the intended audience of the event. Once you have identified an appropriate event for a table and confirmed the logistics with the host, reach out to us, and we’ll provide the supplies!

As the Patient Support Programs Coordinator at ZERO, I regularly receive calls from patients and caregivers who picked up our materials at a community event and are looking for more information about a specific topic or program. This is why the Community Awareness Toolkit program is important: not just because it helps us educate local communities about prostate cancer, but also because it helps those impacted by the disease learn about the resources that are available to them. Table by table, handout by handout, the program is helping us achieve our mission!

You can learn more about the Community Awareness Toolkit program and request a toolkit here.