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by Thomas Addison   |   September 4, 2019

A Mind-Body Approach to Prostate Cancer

My family still needs me 

Less than six months after my intestinal surgery to remove a cancerous tumor, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Two different cancers in six months meant my body was fighting a battle on multiple fronts. With a wife and four kids at home all counting on me, it was time to recognize that my lifestyle was clearly not optimal. Many years of neglect and bad habits developed an extremely toxic and deficient body, which is just the type of environment that cancer loves. 

Traditional treatments were addressing the symptoms not the root cause.

I lacked confidence in the medical team’s playbook. My first battle left me with scars and challenges that persist. The surgery did much harm and almost killed me faster than the cancer. When the urologist told me the best option for my prostate was surgery, I emphatically said NO, there must be another way. I had watched some documentaries about Dr. Gerson’s cancer treatments and Dr. Campbell in the China Study. I decided to conduct my own research and thankfully, there are manifold options not often talked about, but I found quite effective for many patients.

Mind, Body approach to healing. 

My research led me to naturopathic doctors, functional medicine experts, nutritionists, herbalists, yogis, and physical therapists. I built my team and developed my strategy to heal and protect myself going forward. I developed an acronym to help me stay aligned DRWIIK. DRWIIK for the mind: Desire – Responsibility – Watching – Inevitability – Identity – Karma; and DRWIIK for the body: Diet – Rest – Workouts – Inevitability – Identity – Karma. 

Taking Action 

Desire is best described by Tolstoy in his short story, “How Much Land Does a Man Need”. Unchecked desire is unhealthy, toxic thinking. Tolstoy’s character dies from his desire. Second, we have responsibility for everything that happens. Sadghuru in his book “Inner Engineering”, describes that your mind is responding already, you need to consciously respond in a healthy manner. In “The Power of Now”, author Eckhart Tolle describes the importance of watching and guarding your mind. Thoughts lead to words that lead to actions that lead to habits. Control your thoughts, control your habits.

Diet is essential to healing and maintenance. 

Dr. Huber of Nature Works Best Cancer Clinic and Dr. Garcia of Utopia Wellness both treat cancer patients wholistically, treating the mind, body and spirit, which includes the diet. The National Sleep Foundation has information about the benefits of rest that will help your body thrive. Natural treatments involve increasing the oxygen in the body. I use aerobic workouts. Larry Clap in his book “Prostate Health in 90 Days Without Drugs or Surgery” speaks at length about the benefits of workouts.

Accepting the results 

Of all the million plus possibilities, this moment is inevitable in the way it is. You don’t control the result. Secondly, your identity is not a body nor your mind. You are a piece of life and energy that is in concert with the entire universe. Lastly, your karma is affected by what you do and don’t do along with everything else happening in the universe. You can only control you and accept the rest as it is. Inner Engineering and The Power of Now are great resources to further your understanding and acceptance. 

My Journey is not over 

My PSA peaked at 10.4. The wholistic process drove down the PSA to 4.9 in three months. I chose this approach. It is not for everyone. Conduct your own research, build your team, take action, and accept what transpires. Life is wonderful, but brief. Focus on the here and now and what you control. The outcomes are not up to you. You do, however have enormous responsibility and capacity to consciously take control of you. Don’t waste the opportunity.