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Film Series: Prostate Cancer in the Black Community

ZERO hosts the Prostate Cancer in the Black Community film series throughout the country, using public viewings to highlight and raise awareness about prostate cancer within the Black community.

Prostate Cancer in the Black Community Film Series

Kris Bennett, Director of Health Equity, Community Organizing & Engagement at ZERO, leads a dynamic conversation with Reggie Hicks from Straight Street Media, filmmaker Terrance Afer-Anderson, and Landi Maduro, a representative of Women of Color Filmmakers. They explore the impactful work of these filmmakers in raising awareness about prostate cancer among Black men.

Currently, there are three films in the series: Afer-Anderson's docudrama The Black Walnut, Hicks's documentary If You Are My Brothers, and Maduro's The Silent Killer documentary. Screenings include food or light refreshments, a viewing of one of these films, followed by a panel discussion that includes the film’s writer/director, a prostate cancer survivor from the community, a physician (urologist and/or medical oncologist), and a researcher.

During this discussion the members on this panel will talk about the film and how prostate cancer affects the Black community, and also provide some suggestions as to what each of us can do to address some of the significant barriers and disparities that the Black community faces regarding prostate cancer. After the panel discussion takes place the panel members will take questions from the audience, we encourage all that attend to participate and engage in this important conversation.

Upcoming Screenings

About the Films

Silence is Deadly
Movie Viewing

The Silent Killer

Written and Directed by: Landi Maduro
Run time: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

Black men are the most at risk to develop prostate cancer and die from it. This documentary seeks to change that. The filmmakers went to barbershops,  beauty  salons,  churches,  and social gatherings across the US to talk to Black men from all walks of life. In addition to these discussions,  the film follows three different Black men at three different ages and stages of prostate issues. Through their stories, the hope is to educate men and dissolve the fear of being open to discussing their health.

The Black Walnut movie poster image

The Black Walnut

Written and Directed by: Terrance Afer-Anderson
Run time: 1 Hour 17 Minutes

The Black Walnut is a compelling, innovative docudrama designed to increase awareness of the of  the  alarming  prostate  cancer  disparity impacting Black men. Featuring nine actual prostate  cancer  survivors,  a  urologist,  and a medical oncologist in dramatic roles, the film explores the myriad barriers Black men encounter in securing healthcare.

if You Are My Brothers movie poster image

If You Are My Brothers

Written and Directed by: Reggie Hicks
Run Time: 35 Minutes

If  You  Are  My  Brothers is  a  documentary and outreach project about prostate cancer that  follows  the  six  year  journey  of  two Black men with the disease. Ralph Franklin, a  real  estate  lawyer  with  a  high  PSA  and a  prognosis of death meets  a  physician who  helps  prepare  him to live and  not  to die. Reggie Hicks, the producer of the documentary, while chronicling Ralph’s story on film is also diagnosed with the disease. Now this one story becomes two…two stories  that  are  intricately intertwined…two men with their own challenges…two men with a common bond of brotherhood and hope.