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Side Effects of Prostate Cancer Treatments, Risk Mitigation, and Treatment Advances

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Prostate cancer treatments can result in a variety of side effects, including loss of sexual, urinary, and bowel function. Thankfully, new side effect risk reduction and treatment strategies exist.

This two-part webinar series discusses options for those living with prostate cancer.


Erectile Dysfunction and Incontinence

Dr. Michael Granieri, Urologist of Conrad Pearson Clinic, delves into the important topics of erectile dysfunction and incontinence for prostate cancer patients. He discusses recognizing signs and symptoms, as well as exploring the array of treatment options available. Whether you're a patient, caregiver, or simply seeking to understand these critical aspects of prostate cancer care, this video provides essential knowledge to empower your healthcare decisions.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Options and Risk Mitigation for Radiation Therapy

In this video presentation, Dr. Albert Chang, Radiation Oncologist from UCLA Health, provides valuable insights into the diverse treatment options available for prostate cancer. With a specific focus on radiation therapy, he discusses how cutting-edge medical advancements and personalized approaches are harnessed to tailor treatments to individual needs. Dr. Chang also addresses the crucial topic of risk mitigation, shedding light on how potential side effects and risks associated with radiation therapy can be effectively managed, ensuring the best possible outcomes for prostate cancer patients.

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