Medical Advisory Board

ZERO’s Medical Advisory Board provides strategic guidance and direction for our research investment and educational resources and programs. Their expertise spans everything from clinical and laboratory research to surgery and other disciplines and specialties. They actively contribute to our programs and events and serve as our ambassadors in communities across the country.

Group of people posing in front of a banner

Meet our Medical Advisory Board

Woman with long brown hair in a white coat, Dr. Alicia Morgans

Alicia Morgans, MD, MPH

Member, Board of Directors
Man in a dark suit

Nilay M. Gandhi, M.D.

Vice Chair of Department of Surgery
Woman with long dark hair smiling at the camera

Joanna Doran, Esq.

Chief Executive Officer
Elizabeth Heath Headshot

Elisabeth Heath, MD, FACP

Patricia C. and E. Jan Hartmann endowed chair in prostate cancer research
Grey-haired man with glasses wearing a suit and a tie

Laurence Klotz, M.D.

Former President
Stacy Loeb

Stacy Loeb, MD

Professor of Urology & Population Health
Middle-aged man in a suit smiling at the camera

Benjamin H. Lowentritt, MD, FACS

Medical Director of the Prostate Cancer Care Program
Dr. Rachel Rubin

Rachel Rubin, MD

Clinical Professor of Urology
Charles Ryan MD Headshot

Charles (Chuck) Ryan, MD

MD Professor of Medicine
Alison Sachs, Director, Patient Support Services

Alison Sachs

Director, Patient Support Services & Community Outreach
Dr. Kelvin Moses

Kelvin Moses, MD, PhD

Member, Board of Directors
Man of Asian decent wearing a suit and a tie and glasses

Eric Shinohara, M.D., MSCI

Clinical Vice Chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology