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Landi Maduro

BlueChild Entertainment, LLC
Landi Maduro

Landi Maduro is no stranger to making her own path. She has worked professionally as a singer and actress for over 10 years. However, unhappy with the lack of roles available to African American women, she decided to go a different route and explore writing, producing and photography.

The first project Landi produced was, "I Can't Pretend". She developed a fondness for producing and discovered a propensity for wearing many hats. Next she co-produced and starred in "Sheroes". The dual role as co-producer and star was an exhilarating experience. Not content to stop there, she decided to take on the ultimate challenge of directing. She made her directorial debut shooting the infomercial for the book, "Faces I Have Seen" and she has continued to direct and produced short films, features, music videos, small business commercials, business tutorials and documentaries since launching her production company, Bluechild Entertainment, in 2012.

Her most fulfilling project to date is, The Silent Killer: Prostate Cancer In The African American Community. With this documentary she challenged herself as a writer, producer, and director and began touring and lecturing nationwide advocating prostate cancer awareness. She is also the proud leader of Women of Color Filmmakers; an organization that supports and provides motivational speakers and educational programs to female filmmakers as they pursue careers in film and television.

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