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Chas Rogers

ZERO Champion Chas Rogers

Chas Rodgers was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer in April 2013 on his 45th birthday. That same year, he had a radical prostatectomy. In 2015 he underwent radiation therapy and in 2017, he underwent implant surgery to combat side effects as a result of his prostate cancer.

He’s the father of three young children, and is vocal about the need for increased prostate cancer awareness, particularly in the African American community. In San Diego, he serves as a ZERO advocate and leads the Kids Dash at the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk. Despite debilitating side effects from his treatment, Chas maintains a positive attitude, stays strong, and above all, has faith. No matter what, he never loses faith.

Chas empowers men to be their own advocate in the treatment and management of their disease, encouraging them to absorb as much information as they can, do their own research, and get a second and third opinion before making a decision. Chas credits the strength of his family during his battle. His wife and kids have worked alongside him during every step of this life-changing diagnosis.

Through sharing his story, Chas shares something very important with other men and families: they are not alone. Even through the awful moments, he fights, keeps faith, and remains a passionate advocate for the importance of awareness, early detection, and education.

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