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Abby Conklin

Manager, Donor Relations
ZERO Prostate Cancer
Young woman with curly hair smiling and holding a ZERO sign

Coming to you from the beautiful coast of California, Abby is ZERO’s superhero for all things in donor relations. Before ZERO, Abby worked in fundraising technology sales and learned a great deal about charitable giving and donor relations. She soon realized that she wanted to take that knowledge and become even more directly involved in the nonprofit space. Abby was drawn to ZERO not only because of its empowering mission, but also because of the incredible team camaraderie she noticed right off the bat within the ZERO team. Being a former college basketball player herself, she knows the importance of being able to trust and collaborate with her teammates to achieve a collective goal. With several family members affected by cancer, Abby understands how vital early detection is and why it is so important for patients to be aware of their options and the research surrounding them. ZERO has helped to create an unwavering community of supportive and dedicated people, committed to ending prostate cancer every day, and she is so excited to be a part of it! In her spare time Abby enjoys playing guitar, going to the movies, and participating in local sports leagues.