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Harrisburg Senators blue weekend raises prostate cancer awareness

All kinds of gifts will be exchanged this weekend to celebrate dads on Father’s Day. But, there’s one unique gift that will be given at the Harrisburg Senator’s baseball games.

“Blue Weekend” is making a difference when it comes to prostate cancer awareness.

Dr. Thomas Clements, a urologist with Urology of Central PA, says men tend to be a little timid about talking about their health in addition to talking about things like their prostate and potentially getting screened.

Read more about Harrisburg’s Blue Weekend and see ZERO Champion Michael Rotz being interviewed here: https://local21news.com/news/making-a-difference/making-a-difference-harrisburg-senators-blue-weekend-takes-prostate-cancer-awareness?fbclid=IwAR089hAjtiX0WgMvZ1D-NRVjv9JiRPqYHHLDKHbgMP0zJwK6_F-Yn9m_mJQ&fbclid=IwAR0Xi_tY4krypomMtXSLD0HEivg2bMKW7O9TDZAMdSXCrcQPpSjWpH5XoxQ


source: CBS21 Harrisburg