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ZEROHour: March 2017 Issue

ZEROHour Newsletter: March 2017

Congress Adds $10 Million for PCRP

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Fresh off storming Capitol Hill, prostate cancer advocates from 35 states learned of the hard-fought win as they packed their bags for home following ZERO’s Annual Summit – The Department of Defense’s Prostate Cancer Research Program is slated for a $10M increase, the first such increase to the program in over a decade.

Just this week, the House of Representatives approved the final version of the fiscal year 2017 Defense Appropriations Conference Report, which includes $90 million for the Department of Defense’s Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP). Next the bill will head to the Senate for approval.

As part of the ZERO Prostate Cancer Summit, more than 150 advocates from across the country met with elected officials about increasing prostate cancer research for the 2018 fiscal year budget when the news started to break about this year’s budget.

What comes next in our fight for $90 million? Learn more here.

More than 150 Advocates Storm Capitol Hill


“It was amazing to share with others who know what it is like to go through the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. So much easier to open up and be candid about my concerns/fears…[The Summit has] inspired me to do more…Knowing that in a weird way, that my diagnosis with prostate cancer is going to help others.” – David Pieper

Last week more than 150 advocates from around the country gathered in Washington, D.C. for ZERO’s Annual Advocacy Summit and descended on Capitol Hill for more than 125 meetings with elected officials about increased prostate cancer research funding.

“This was my first Summit and I was really unsure what I was getting into. I knew I was going to ask for 90 Million and discuss the USPTF…but I didn’t know the way it would change me. I left with new people in my life that are incredible, a renewed passion, a renewed faith in people. It truly was a life changing few days.” – Rhonda Morris

During the Summit, attendees also engaged in a day of educational programming, including updates from our Medical Advisory Board, breakout sessions ranging from advocating in your local community to nutrition and exercise, and a presentation from Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, MD, PhD, MAS, Chair of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force about what the future recommendations on the PSA could mean for prostate cancer diagnosis.

You can also check out a Storify highlights and pictures from this year’s Summit here.

Keep up the Fight!

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Advocacy works, but this progress is just the start. We need your help to keep the momentum going. With uncertainties about access to quality health care for prostate cancer patients, now is the time to show your support. Join hundreds of prostate cancer advocates from around the country and champion the fight.

Are you in?

Step up. Make the commitment. Add your name to the growing list of men and women who are fighting to end this disease. #CountMeIn

Take Charge of Your Health: March is Nutrition Month


It’s National Nutrition Month! For prostate cancer patients and survivors, as well as for men at risk of developing the disease, nutrition is important. Eating a heart-healthy, plant-based diet can help reduce the risk of both developing prostate cancer and developing aggressive disease. Furthermore, maintaining a healthy diet can help you prepare for and recover after cancer treatment.

Thinking about changing up your fitness routine this month? Sign up for a ZERO Run/Walk near you to get started! We’re kicking off our 2017 series in Chicago this June.

Learn more about diet and nutrition on our website.


Didn’t get into the NYC Marathon?  

Team ZERO has guaranteed entries!

Add meaning to your miles!

Check out all of our
endurance events for 2017.

Help Advance Prostate Cancer Research


Sanguine Biosciences is looking for men from 18 – 73 years of age who have been diagnosed with localized prostate cancer to participate in a research study. Participation in this at-home study is voluntary; a member of their mobile health staff will meet you in the comfort of your home to perform the draw and thank you with $50 compensation for your time.

Learn more and find out if you qualify.

Cancer Experience Registry

Share Your Cancer Experience

The Cancer Experience Registry, a program created by the Cancer Support Community, is an online community that brings together people facing cancer. By joining, you can share your experience, identify issues that impact you, take surveys, access resources, and connect with others. Joining is free, confidential, and open to both patients and caregivers, and your participation can help improve cancer care.

Sign up for the registry today! 






New users can download the app and use the code STOPCANCER2017 for up to a $25 credit toward your first few rides! For use of the code, Lyft donates $10 to ZERO’s fight to end prostate cancer.

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Why I Come to the ZERO Summit

“My dad is my hero. He always will be. And, I’ll always be his little girl standing in his corner, fighting for him and all men to hopefully one day have ZERO prostate cancer deaths and ZERO pain and suffering from the disease.”

Read Stephanie’s story.

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