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Hot Sheets Newsletter: 2016

Hot SHEET 2016

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Our monthly newsletter, the Hot SHEET, highlights the latest in treatment strategies as well as emerging treatments. The Hot SHEET is distributed free at chapter support group meetings, and is available in PDF on the Us TOO web site.

Hot SHEET Personal Subscriptions Now Available

If you are unable to attend chapter meetings to get the latest issue or prefer an original copy, we can deliver the newsletter right to your home or office. Download and print a subscription order form or order online.

  • Active Surveillance Underused in Low-Risk Prostate Cancer
  • After USPSTF Guidelines Issued, the US Sees a Sharp Decline in Prostate Cancer Screening
  • New Model for Prostate Cancer Screening May Reduce Biopsies
  • Biochemical Recurrence Risk Factors in High- & Very High-Risk Men Following Prostatectomy
  • Validation of a Genomic Classifier for Predicting Postprostatectomy Recurrence in Community Setting
  • Doc Moyad's No Bogus Science: "PLCO Results Daily Fiber Intake, Exercise and Now Coffee!"
  • Common Therapy for Prostate Cancer May Raise the Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Doctor Chodak's Bottom Line
  • Index of Medical Articles / Abstracts Published in the Us TOO Hot SHEET During 2015
  • Blood Test May Guide Selection of Prostate Cancer Therapy
  • Aspirin May Lower Risk of Lethal Prostate Cancer
  • Comparing Chemical and Surgical Castration for Prostate Cancer
  • Hypofractionated vs. Standard Intensity Modulated RT: Results from the Phase III CHHIiP Trial
  • Men Unclear on Sexual Function Following Radical Prostatectomy
  • Doc Moyad's No Bogus Science: "Vitamin D and Risk of Falls?!"
  • Surgery Bests Radiotherapy for Localized Prostate Cancer
  • Adding Hormonal Treatment to Salvage RT Ups Cancer Survival
  • Risk-Based Patient Selection Can Reduce MRIs after Negative Biopsy
  • Doctor Chodak's Bottom Line
  • New Tool to Determine the Risk of Prostate Cancer Death
  • A Real-World Study of AS
  • Long-term ADT Toxicity Surprising
  • HResults from the Randomized TRAPEZE Clinical Trial in mCRPC
  • Flip Flop: ED Drugs Not Tied to Prostate Cancer Recurrence
  • Doc Moyad's No Bogus Science: "go to: www,cvriskcalculator.com"
  • Enzalutamide vs. Bicalutamide – Results from the TERRAIN Trial
  • Use of Two Gene Panels for Prostate Cancer Risk Stratification
  • Prospective Study of Na18F PET in Predicting Advanced PCa Outcome
  • Doctor Chodak's Bottom Line
  • After Abiraterone, Docetaxel Is Still Useful in mCRPC Patients
  • Dose Intensified vs. Standard Salvage RT for Post-RP Recurrence
  • ASCO Endorses Active Surveillance
  • Risks for Cardiovascular Disease in Prostate Cancer Survivors
  • Gleason Tertiary Pattern 4 in Gleason Score 6 Prostate Cancer
  • New Consumer Advice on Prostate Cancer Includes 'Value'
  • Doc Moyad's No Bogus Science: "Legume – The Tenzing Norgay of the Prostate Cancer World?!"
  • Clinical and Economic Impact of Skeletal Related Events
  • Primary Care Practitioners Not Recommending PSA Screening
  • Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer
  • PET CT Plus MRI May Aid Salvage RT for Recurrent Cancer to Nodes
  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line
  • Radiation-Hormone Combination Effective in Prostate Cancer
  • For Prostate Cancer, More RT May Not Improve Survival
  • Economic Analysis of PSA Screening
  • Impact of the Site of Metastases on Overall Survival in CRPC
  • Enzalutamide Broadly Effective in Certain Prostate Cancers
  • Doc Moyad's No Bogus Science: "Statins Help Many Healthy People!"
  • Prostate Cancer Detection from Urine RNA Steps Closer
  • PSA Screening Publications, Biopsy Rates & Associated Complications
  • Saturation Prostate Biopsies
  • Can a Blood Test Before RP Predict Cancer Aggressiveness?
  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line
  • Lawmakers Want Lower Drug Costs
  • New Drug Target Against Therapy-Resistant Prostate Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer Metastases Risk Higher in Some AS Patients
  • USPSTF Re-evaluates PSA Testing
  • Timing of ADT Administration after Postprostatectomy PSA Recurrence
  • Bevacizumab (Avastin®) Plus ADT May Prolong Survival in Recurrent Prostate Cancer
  • Active Surveillance Is Often ‘Not’
  • Medicare Suspends Penalty for PSA Testing Proposal
  • Doc Moyad’s No Bogus Science: “Supplements for Depression?!”
  • New FDA-Approved Prostate Tool: Will You HIFU?
  • Urine Gene Assay Distinguishes High– vs. Low-Grade Cancer
  • Chemotherapy Conundrum for High-Risk Prostate Cancer
  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line
  • More High-Risk Pathology at RP
  • AR-V7 Expression Predicts Prostate Cancer Outcomes
  • Short-Term ADT Beneficial Post-RP
  • Phase III Study Comparing Intermittent vs. Continuous Docetaxel
  • Dose-Escalated, Image Guided Proton Therapy for Prostate Cancer
  • Doc Moyad's No Bogus Science: "Religious Services & Life Expectancy"
  • Randomized Phase II Study of Proton Bean and Carbon Ion RT
  • FDA Approves Diagnostic Agent for Recurrent Prostate Cancer
  • Cabazitaxel vs. Docetaxel in Treatment-Naïve Patients with CRPC
  • Adiposity Linked to Aggressive Prostate Cancer & Death
  • Prospective Evaluation of 68Gallium- PSMA PET/CT for Lymph Nodes
  • Doctor Chodak's Bottom Line
  • Single PSA Cutpoint May signal Progression after Prostatectomy
  • Study Confirms AS Safety in Low Risk Prostate Cancer
  • Can 'Smarter' Use Resurrect PSA Testing?
  • Use of CCP Score for Predicting Systemic Disease & RT Response
  • Do SREs Predict Overall Survival?
  • Mutations Suggest New Prostate Cancer Treatment Options
  • Doc Moyad's No Bogus Science: "Increase Your Tolemere Length…"
  • Disparities in Treatment of Patients with High-Risk Prostate Cancer
  • Bipolar Androgen Therapy for Men with Androgen-Ablation Naïve PCa
  • Non-Surgically Related Causes of ED after bilateral Nerve-Sparing RP
  • Tasquinimod Fails to Extended OS
  • Doctor Chodak's Bottom Line
  • Markers Causing Toxic RT Side Effects in Prostate Cancer
  • Sociodemographic & Clinical Predictors to Switch AS to Therapy
  • Salvage RT at Low PSA Levels
  • RALP vs. RRP & Early Outcomes
  • Doc Moyad's No Bogus Science: Prostate Size & Therapy Decisions
  • Olanzapine & Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea & Vomiting
  • Hydrogel Spacing Technology Reduces RT-Induced Side Effects
  • Brouhaha About Metastatic Prostate Cancer Found at Diagnosis
  • Breast & Prostate Cancer Survival Worse in RA Patients
  • Doctor Chodak's Bottom Line
  • Data Question Role of PSA Failure in Prostate Cancer
  • Cancer Risk in 9/11 Responders
  • Extended Prostate Biopsy Scheme
  • Cycles of Docetaxel & Survival
  • Effects of Long-Term ADT Over 36 Months Upon Cognitive Function
  • Doc Moyad's No Bogus Science: "Lifting Less vs. Lifting More"
  • Long-Term Outcome with Low-Dose I-125 Brachytherapy
  • High-Risk PCa in Black Men on AS
  • Stopping PSA Monitoring Post-RP
  • Baseline PSA in Midlife Predicts Lethal Prostate Cancer
  • Sexual Function & Prostate Cancer Risk in US Veterans
  • Long-Term Consequences of Finasteride vs. Placebo in PCPT
  • Fourth– or Fifth-Line Enzalutamide
  • Doctor Chodak's Bottom Line
  • Benefit with High-Dose Stereotactic Body RT (SBRT) in Prostate Cancer
  • Novel Prostate Cancer Subtypes
  • AS, RP or RT Convey Same 10-year Survival for PSA-Detected PCa
  • Testosterone & PCa Looks Safe…
  • New Group of Molecules for Targeting Tumour Growth
  • Doc Moyad's No Bogus Science: "Mammography & Prostate Cancer?"
  • Snus and PCa Progression Post-RP
  • Zoledronic Acid Added to ADT Does Not Delay PCa Treatment Failure
  • Brachytherapy Enough for Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer
  • PCa Diagnosis by MR/US Fusion-Guided Biopsy vs. Standard Ex-tended-Sextant Biopsies (Visible Lesions)
  • Doctor Chodak's Bottom Line
  • No Overall Survival Advantage in Metastatic CRPC Using Ipilimumab
  • HIFU Effective for Localized PCa?
  • No Survival Benefits with Custirsen in Metastatic Prostate Cancer
  • Biopsy and RP Trends Following USPSTF Guidelines Against PSA
  • Biases in Recommendations and Acceptance of Prostate Biopsies
  • Doc Moyad's No Bogus Science: "Glucosamine & Chondroitin?"
  • Exercise Training and QoL
  • New PCa Screening Algorithm
  • Development & Validation of 24- GenePredictor of Post-RP RT
  • PSA Failure & Risk of Death in Men with Unfavorable-Risk PCa
  • Response to ADT & Brachytherapy in Men with Low Testosterone
  • Doctor Chodak's Bottom Line


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