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Kirsten Spittel

Kirsten is ZERO’s resident storyteller. She’s a keen listener who’s always eager to shine the spotlight on who and what are making an impact in the fight against prostate cancer.

Though originally from Pittsburgh, Kirsten calls the DC area home. She first got her feet wet at BIO before joining a DC-based education startup where she worked to improve student transfer outcomes at community colleges around the country. After working with USRowing on the Rio Olympics and Paralympics, Kirsten found ZERO in the summer of 2016, where she was able to marry her love for storytelling with the ZERO team’s passion for ending prostate cancer.

Kirsten is all about sharing. (She’s probably already tweeted this.) Whether it’s breaking news about research or a memorable moment from a ZERO Run/Walk, she wants you to know about it, and she’s always ahead of the game. Think your day starts early? She’s a competitive rower and is on the Potomac River by 5:30am every morning. Ping Kirsten here to tell her your story or get some workout advice.