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Debi Johnson

Debi is a passionate patient and provider advocate centered around male health, and more specifically, prostate cancer. She has dedicated over 25 years to the fight against prostate cancer serving companies and organizations involved in the diagnosis, treatment, research, health policy, and public outreach to end the disease and provide support to those affected.

As a cancer survivor, being diagnosed at age 19, Debi understands the journey of managing a life with a chronic disease. When she first learned of the statistics of prostate cancer being so similar to breast cancer, and knowing how little public awareness there was for the disease, she quickly made it her lifelong passion to advocate for prostate cancer.

Her experience in prostate cancer began as a company representative for the only urology specific laboratory in the country. She was credited to coordinating some of the largest employer-sponsored prostate cancer screening programs in the nation.  As the insurance industry began to limit coverage of diagnostic tools requested by urologists who care for prostate cancer patients, she quickly became the manage-care specialist for the western half of the United States, opening access to the needed tools with some of the top insurers  in the country.

Her experience is broad and nationally recognized, including leading the strategy to pass one of the first prostate cancer screening laws in the country (Washington State) serving as a template for other states. In early 2000 she joined other prostate cancer champions in the Pacific Northwest to form the Washington State Prostate Cancer Coalition and later serve as chair. For over two decades she has served as a contracted Executive Director for two state urological societies as well as an international urological society.

When Debi was approached by ZERO about their Run/Walk race series to raise awareness for prostate cancer, she couldn’t resist the opportunity! She saw it as a chance to bring patients, families, friends, communities, and healthcare providers together annually to celebrate and support those involved in the fight to end the second leading cause of cancer death in men.

As a strategic business consultant, there is not a project or opportunity Debi can pass up that involves helping to raise awareness for prostate cancer and further the fight. If you have an idea or want to do something in your community in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon or Washington, let her know by emailing her at debi@zerocancer.org.