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HotSheets 2007

  • President’s Message: Taking Action in 2007
  • Feb Conf Call: "Intimacy & Prostate Cancer"
  • Companies, Chapters Signing Up for Sneakers@Work Day
  • New Tests of Dendreon’s Prostate Cancer
  • Doc Moyad’s What Works and What is Worthless Column: Vitamin D—Part II
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  • President’s Message: “What Is Awareness?
  • Special Thanks to Joe Piper
  • The Year in Prostate Cancer: Part I of II
  • Doc Moyad’s What Works and What is Worthless Column: Vitamin D—Part III
  • Feb. 13th Conference Call:
    Intimacy & Prostate Cancer
  • 2nd Annual Us TOO Online Auction
    Announced, Seeking Donated Items for Bid
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  • Survivor Rate Highest with Prostatectomy for Localized Prostate Cancer
  • New Members for Us TOO Board of Directors
  • The Year in Prostate Cancer, Part II
  • Medicare Part D and Erectile Dysfunction
  • Leading by Example
  • PROVENGE® Granted FDA Priority Review
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  • Special Burning Issues Supplement: Highlights from the 2007 Multidisciplinary Prostate Cancer Symposium – February 21-24, 2007, Orlando, FL
  • GPC Biotech Provides Satraplatin for Free
  • Calcitriol with Docetaxel Boosts Survival
  • The Year in Prostate Cancer – Part 3
  • Estrogen Therapy: DES (Diethylstilbestrol)
  • Doc Moyad’s What Works and What is Worthless Column: Zinc supplementation?
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  • Special Burning Issues Supplement: Prostate cancer and incontinence: coping strategies and treatment options
  • MRI in Managing Prostate Cancer
  • FDA Panel Backs New Prostate Vaccine
  • Adjuvant ADT Can “Cure” Nonmetastasized Prostate Cancer
  • Alendronate Increases BMD in Prostate Cancer Patients Receiving ADT
  • Doc Moyad’s What Works and What is Worthless Column—Lycopene
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  • Doc Moyad’s What Works and What is Worthless Column—Provenge®
  • Cell Genesis Reports Phase II Results with GVAX Immunotherapy
  • A Survivor Reviews the 2007 ASCO Prostate Cancer Symposium
  • UCSD Researchers Report Ability to Detect Cancer at Earliest, Curable Stage
  • New Blood Test for Prostate Cancer—Can EPCA-2 be on the Horizon?
  • Possible New Cancer Treatment? Antifungal Drug Stops Blood Vessel Growth
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  • New AUA Prostate Cancer Guidelines
  • FDA Requirements for Provenge® Licensure
  • Consider Source of Localized Prostate Cancer Recommendations
  • Dendreon Sued after Provenge’s Ok Put Off
  • 223Radium in Hormone-Refractory Cancer
  • Update:Outcomes with Primary Therapy for Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer
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  • New Data from ASCO on SPARC Trial
  • Us TOO University in Austin, Texas “A Marvelous Evening”
  • Survivorship Care Plan Is an Important Part of Cancer Care
  • Sneakers@ Work Day, Great Fun, Great Success
  • F-18 Fluor Choline PET/CT Assesses Bone Metastases in Prostate Cancer
  • New Procedure Minimizes Post-Prostatectomy Incontinence
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  • Court Sees No Right to Unapproved Drugs
  • FDA Requests More Data on Satraplatin
  • Hormone Inhibitor Promising For Hard-to-Treat Prostate Cancer
  • FDA Sued Over Provenge Delay
  • Botox for Treating Prostate Problems
  • Doc Moyad’s “No Bogus Science” Column
  • Friday the 13th Lucky for Prostate Pointers
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  • CMS Proposal Would Virtually Eliminate Medicare Clinical Trials Coverage
  • Statins Fail to Cut the Androgens that Fuel Prostate Cancer
  • Stress Management before Prostatectomy
  • First Biomarker Discovered that Predicts Prostate Cancer Outcome
  • Prostate Px® Test Results Published
  • Doc Moyad’s What Works and What is Worthless Column
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  • Charity Navigator Gives Us TOO 4-Star Rating
  • Gleason Score and Prostate Cancer Prognosis
  • New Study Refutes Belief that Black Men Have More Aggressive Prostate Cancer
  • Us TOO Reaches Out to Federal Employees and Military
  • Nomogram Can Predict Life Expectancy
  • oc Moyad’s What Works and What is Worthless Column—Ginseng
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  • Us TOO’s 2006 Annual Report Now Available
  • New Free Kits for Newly-Diagnosed Men
  • Survival Analysis from the SPARC Trial
  • Us TOO University Chicago Program a Success
  • October 30th Intimacy Teleconference a Success
  • Biopsy Site Affects Prostate Cancer Detection
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