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Local doctor says pandemic has increased cancer mortality

An oncologist with Vidant Health and ECU says this is the first time in decades that the number of people... Read More

Mental Health and Prostate Cancer During COVID-19

A prostate cancer diagnosis can be a stressful, life-changing event, with patients and their doctors making time-sensitive decisions and starting... Read More

2021 ZERO Summit: The Good in Going Virtual!

The team at ZERO is currently gearing up for the 2021 Virtual ZERO Summit, which kicks off in less than... Read More

Optimal Treatment for Prostate Cancer During a Pandemic

Back in April 2020, it was all hands on deck in caring for COVID-19 patients at Maimonides Medical Center in... Read More

Coronavirus slowing critical cancer research, screenings

BOSTON — Research and treatment of COVID-19 have justifiably been a primary focus of the medical community this past year. As... Read More

Prostate cancer regulator plays role in COVID-19, providing a promising treatment lead

Two proteins, ACE2 and TMPRSS2, help the coronavirus gain entry and replicate within cells. TMPRSS2 is well-known to Arul Chinnaiyan,... Read More

New drug research for prostate cancer could also fight COVID-19

Dr. Lisa Philp and Professor Colleen Nelson, from the QUT Faculty of Health’s School of Biomedical Science, are developing drugs... Read More

Prostate cancer treatment could be used to fight worst COVID symptoms

Researchers are preparing to trial two drugs they had been developing to treat prostate cancer as potential treatments for the... Read More

Delaying Cancer Care Costs Lives

Even as the coronavirus pandemic has postponed the delivery of many kinds of health care, a new study suggests that... Read More

This September: Speak Out and Step Up About Prostate Cancer

As we navigate the uncertain future brought on by COVID-19, there is one thing that we do know – our... Read More

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