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Jim Williams, A Prostate Cancer Survivor and Health Equity Advocate

Regarding prostate cancer advocacy, few have fought longer and harder than Jim Williams. Jim is a Vietnam Veteran from Camp... Read More

Delaware is shrinking racial gaps in cancer death. Its secret? Patient navigators

Delaware’s progress against cancer inequities has been slow and steady, and not without its challenges. The state’s overall cancer death... Read More

Al Roker walks the runway to support ZERO’s Blue Jacket Fashion Show

toTODAY’s Al Roker walked the runway at the Blue Jacket Fashion Show on Thursday. Roker strutted the catwalk for a... Read More

Clinical Pathways and Veterans

My name is Sherry Denton, and I am a nurse practitioner, the director of a prostate cancer clinic in Little... Read More

Diversity in Clinical Trials for Prostate Cancer

Men of Color are Underrepresented in Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials What exactly is a clinical trial and why are they... Read More

ZERO’s Prostate Cancer Racial Disparities Task Force

It’s estimated that a quarter of a million men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2021 and over 34,000... Read More

When your passion, purpose, and profession all sync up

“Research shows having a sense of purpose actually relates to living a longer, happier life. When we feel we are... Read More

Meet the Women Advocating for the Black Prostate Cancer Community

Throughout April, ZERO will be recognizing National Minority Health Month, a time to raise awareness about health disparities that disproportionately... Read More

‘Cancer in Iowa’ report analyzes racial disparities in incidence, mortality of disease

Black people in Iowa are getting cancer and dying from it at higher rates than any other group in the... Read More

NE Ohio initiative to increase prostate cancer screening in African Americans

CLEVELAND–African American men in Cuyahoga County have a 60% increased risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer and an 80%... Read More

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