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Jess Goodwin

Coordinator, Partnerships
ZERO Prostate Cancer
Young woman with curly hair smiling, Jess Goodwin

Coming to you from the smallest state of Rhode Island, Jessica, who goes by Jess, is ZERO’s Partnership Coordinator. With a background in fundraising, there is no doubt that Jess is the perfect person to build and maintain partnership relations for ZERO. After an insightful stint in political fundraising, Jess decided to take her acquired skills and search for an opportunity in nonprofit fundraising, which landed her at ZERO. 

Jess graduated with her B.A. in Political Science from The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Coming to ZERO was a no-brainer for Jess, as she has a personal connection to prostate cancer through her grandfather, who won his battle against the disease. She strives to use her invaluable fundraising skills, along with her personal connection to the disease, to help bolster the fight against prostate cancer.

It may come as no surprise to UNC alums that Jess is a bit of a basketball fan. She wanted to attend the school largely due to the basketball program, so if she’s a little slow to respond during March Madness… you can probably guess as to why. Outside of basketball, Jess loves hiking with her dog, Roxie, rocking out at concerts, opening up a new book, and trying out some new cuisine. If you want to connect with Jess about anything regarding partnerships with ZERO, shoot Jess an email at