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Healthy Living After Prostate Cancer Treatment

Finishing treatment for prostate cancer can be both a relief and anxiety-provoking time in a man’s life, as well as the... Read More

‘Watchful Waiting’ Less Likely for Black Prostate Cancer Patients

“Watchful waiting” is on the rise overall among U.S. men with low-risk prostate cancer, but black men remain less likely... Read More

When Your Partner Has Prostate Cancer

If you ask the spouse or partner of a man diagnosed with prostate cancer about the disease and its treatment, you’ll often... Read More

Prostate Cancer: To Treat or Not to Treat?

Clark Howard was in Shanghai on a business trip in 2009 when his wife called him, tearful and anguished. A... Read More

U.S. Leads World in Reducing Prostate Cancer Cases

Rates of prostate cancer cases and deaths have declined or stabilized in many countries. And the United States had the... Read More

5 Things to Know About Prostate Cancer

Most people know that prostate cancer is a disease that affects only men, since the prostate gland is one part... Read More

The Prostate Cancer Puzzle

It’s a medical mystery with fatal consequences: African-American men with prostate cancer are more likely to get and twice as likely to die... Read More

Prostate Cancer: Not Solely a ‘Man’s Disease’

Prostate cancer has long been thought of as a “man’s disease.” And while it’s a simple anatomical fact that women will... Read More

I Have Stage 4 Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Nearly 12 years ago, Todd Seals was told he had one year to live. Read more.

When Gay Men Get Prostate Cancer

Though the internet landscape has changed since his diagnosis in 2003, Rose’s experience is still representative of the lack of... Read More

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