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Management of recurrent prostate cancer after focal therapy

Prostate cancer detection using transrectal ultrasound-guided biopsy provided the necessary diagnosis to recommend radical treatment. Until recently, patients had a... Read More

Survey to examine patterns of prostate cancer survivorship care

A recently launched survey is looking to evaluate patterns of prostate cancer survivorship care among providers who manage patients with prostate cancer.... Read More

Dr. Alexander Kutikov on the COVID-19 vaccine and patients with GU cancers

Alexander Kutikov, MD, discusses his experience with the COVID-19 vaccine and patients with genitourinary cancer. Kutikov is chief, Division of... Read More

Novel focal ablation system proceeds through prostate cancer pipeline

A streamline procedure allows treatment with the NanoTherm therapy system for focal ablation to be completed within 1 day. Patient... Read More

CDC warns incidence of metastatic prostate cancer on the rise

Over the past decade, the incidence of metastatic prostate cancer in the United States has been on the rise, according... Read More

Online prostate cancer videos earn poor grade for accuracy

Misinformation about prostate cancer is rampant online and significantly impacts patient care, study authors said at an American Urological Association press... Read More

Addressing prostate cancer’s racial disparity starts with you

Several decades of data show that Black men are less likely to be screened and treated for prostate cancer than... Read More

Proposed Bill Targets Prostate Cancer Misdiagnoses

Legislation that advocates believe would significantly reduce prostate cancer misdiagnoses is making its way through Congress and has the support... Read More

Metformin May Improve Advanced Prostate Ca Outcomes

In men receiving ADT, diabetes agent linked with significantly prolonged survival Read more.

Online information linked to PCa treatment regret

Men who use the Internet as their primary source for prostate cancer treatment decision-making are more likely to regret those... Read More

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