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Some Men with Prostate Cancer Can Avoid, Delay Harsh Treatments, Study Finds

More men with prostate cancer could afford to delay their treatment, a decades-long study has found, suggesting that active monitoring... Read More

My prostate cancer journey: Testosterone reduction, mini-radiation treatments, embedded radioactive seeds and lots of difficult side effects

In late March 2020, my pregnant daughter-in-law and I compared health issues. Hot flashes? Check. Acidity? Yes. Sore breasts? That,... Read More

I’m a Black Doctor. I Wear Scrubs Everywhere Now

It’s about protecting myself. As a urology resident, I spend up to 70 hours a week at the hospital. I... Read More

I’m an oncologist who treats prostate cancer. For many patients and their manhood, the cure seems worse than the disease.

As an oncologist who specializes in prostate cancer, my treatments often work extremely well. Most of my patients have lived... Read More

ZERO CEO Jamie Bearse Pens Letter to Washington Post

The March 25 news article “Cancer patients face delays and scaled-back treatments” gave some much-needed validity to the concerns and... Read More

Some cancer patients face delayed surgeries and scaled-back treatments as the coronavirus advances

As the coronavirus battered the West Coast, Bryce Olson faced an excruciating decision: He was supposed to travel from his home in... Read More

For older black men, a lifesaving push for more prostate cancer tests

African American men are more likely than white men to develop and die of prostate cancer, and there is an... Read More

Conquering cancer by attacking the disease’s genetic abnormalities

Comprehensive tumor profiling — in which individuals are matched with drugs that target specific genetic mutations or other abnormalities —... Read More

Watching but Not Treating Cancer Can be Hard. Sometimes It’s The Right Approach.

There is a good argument to be made for taking the watch-and-wait approach (sometimes called “active surveillance”) over treatments that... Read More

South African Musician Hugh Masekela Battles Prostate Cancer

South African musician Hugh Masekela says he is canceling commitments in the near future because he needs all his energy... Read More

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