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Genetic Pathways to Individualized Treatment for Advanced Prostate Cancer

Researchers have uncovered genetic clues to why tumors resist a specific therapy used for treating advanced prostate cancer. Read more.

Recurrence of Prostate Cancer Could be Reduced Thanks to Exciting New Discovery

Groundbreaking research could reduce the recurrence of prostate cancer in males, a new study reports. Read more.

New Imaging Technique Spots Prostate Tumors Starved of Oxygen

A new imaging technique uncovers oxygen levels in prostate tumors and could lead to a non-invasive way to determine which... Read More

Discovery of New Prostate Cancer Biomarkers Could Improve Precision Therapy

A new cause of treatment resistance in prostate cancer has been uncovered by investigators. Their discovery also suggests ways to... Read More

First Human Application of Novel PET Tracer for Prostate Cancer

Researchers have demonstrated the potential of a new PET tracer, Carbon-11 labeled sarcosine (11C-sarcosine), for imaging prostate cancer, and set... Read More

Glycans as Biomarkers for Cancer?

Glycosylated proteins are often overexpressed in tumor cells and thus could serve as tumor markers, especially those with the interesting... Read More

Targeted Photodynamic Therapy Shown Highly Effective Against Prostate Cancer

Researchers have demonstrated the efficacy and optimal dose for targeted photodynamic therapy (tPDT) to treat prostate cancer before and during... Read More

Researchers Identify Inhibitor That Overcomes Drug Resistance in Prostate Cancer

A newly discovered epigenetic mechanism can lead to the development of castration-resistant prostate cancer, new research demonstrates. Read more.

Genetic Association with Aggressive Prostate Cancer Discovered

A genetic connection to the aggressive form of prostate cancer has been discovered by researchers. The study showed a threefold... Read More

Mechanism Triggering Spread of Prostate Cancer to Bones Found

A researcher has found a way that prostate cancer cells hijack the body’s bone maintenance, facilitating the spread of bone... Read More

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