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Prostate cancer regulator plays role in COVID-19, providing a promising treatment lead

Two proteins, ACE2 and TMPRSS2, help the coronavirus gain entry and replicate within cells. TMPRSS2 is well-known to Arul Chinnaiyan,... Read More

New blood test for prostate cancer is highly-accurate and avoids invasive biopsies

A new and simple blood test has been found to efficiently and accurately detect the presence of aggressive prostate cancer,... Read More

Researchers develop prostate cancer prediction tool that has unmatched accuracy

Researchers have developed a novel machine-learning framework that distinguishes between low- and high-risk prostate cancer with more precision than ever... Read More

Distinguishing fatal prostate cancer from ‘manageable’ cancer now possible

Scientists have found a way of distinguishing between fatal prostate cancer and manageable cancer, which could reduce unnecessary surgeries and... Read More

Aggressive prostate and lung cancers are driven by common mechanisms, researchers find

Researchers have discovered a common process in the development of late-stage, small cell cancers of the prostate and lung. These... Read More

Nuclear Gatekeeper Could Block Undruggable Prostate Cancer Targets

Certain molecular drivers of cancer growth are “undruggable” – it’s been nearly impossible to develop chemicals that would block their... Read More

Low-Protein Diet During Pregnancy Increases Prostate Cancer Risk in Offspring, Rat Study Shows

Experiments with rats show that intrauterine protein restriction induces sex hormone imbalance, which appears to favor development of cancer in... Read More

The Cause of Prostate Cancer Progression to Incurable Stage has Likely Been Uncovered

Researchers have discovered novel genes and mechanisms that can explain how a genomic variant in a single nucleotide polymorphism influences... Read More

RNA Molecules that Regulate Action of Male Hormone in Prostate Cancer Identified

In most cases of prostate cancer, tumor cell growth is stimulated by the action of male hormones, or androgens, such... Read More

Deadly Form of Advanced Prostate Cancer is Common, Calls for Distinct Treatment

A new study of prostate cancer in 202 men, whose cancers had spread and were resistant to standard treatment, found... Read More

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