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First Patient Advanced Prostate Cancer Treated with Harpoon Therapeutics’ HPN424

A Phase 1 clinical trial of Harpoon Therapeutics’ immunotherapy candidate, HPN424 for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, has treated the first patient, according to... Read More

Study Uncovers How Genetic Mutation Causes Aggressive Forms of Prostate Cancer

A type of mutation in a single nucleotide called rs11672691 plays a role in the development of aggressive prostate cancer by... Read More

Artificial Intelligence Could Shed Light on Development, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Using artificial intelligence to identify genetic patterns in prostate cancer tissue could help shed light on how tumors develops and improve clinical... Read More

Prostreat Seen as Better Than Current Therapies at Stopping Aggressive Prostate Cancer in Mice

NucleoBio’s investigative therapy Prostreat was seen to be better at preventing the growth and spread of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer... Read More

IsoPSA Blood Test Shows Promising Results for Early Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

IsoPSA, a blood test developed by Cleveland Diagnostics that detects cancer-derived PSA, is more accurate in diagnosing prostate cancer than a... Read More

‘Cancer Trap’ May Improve Early Diagnosis, Treatment of Prostate, Other Cancers

An implanted medical device that attracts and kills cancer cells has received a European patent. The device was developed by... Read More

IsoRay’s New Delivery System for Prostate Cancer Brachytherapy Set for Summer Release

IsoRay is getting ready to release a new delivery system for real-time prostate cancer brachytherapy called Build-Blu, the company recently... Read More

Patients with Prostate, Other Urological Cancers Are 5 Times More Likely to Commit Suicide, UK Study Shows

The suicide rate in patients with urological cancers — such as prostate, kidney or bladder cancer — is five times... Read More

MRIs Can Reduce Prostate Biopsies, Improve Cancer Diagnosis Accuracy, Study Shows

Using magnetic resonance imaging to identify possible prostate cancer tumors significantly reduces the need for invasive biopsies, a Phase 3... Read More

Prostate Cancer Takes Health Toll on Partners and Patients, New Study Shows

Do prostate cancer diagnoses undermine the health of patients’ partners? A team of Danish researchers says “yes.” Led by Jeanne... Read More

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