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FDA Approves Pluvicto for Progressive, PSMA-Positive Metastatic CRPC

The FDA has approved lutetium Lu 177 vipivotide tetraxetan for the treatment of adult patients with prostate-specific membrane antigen–positive metastatic... Read More

Prostate Cancer Enters a New Era of Precision Medicine

With the emergence of molecular biomarkers, prostate cancer has entered a new era, according to Daniel P. Petrylak, MD, who... Read More

Liquid Biopsies Lead to Precision Medicine in Prostate Cancer

Liquid biopsy with circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) could help alleviate some of the challenges of tissue biopsy in prostate cancer,... Read More

Systematic Germline Genetic Testing Is Feasible in Veterans With Metastatic Prostate Cancer

The implementation of systematic germline genetic testing in veterans with metastatic prostate cancer appeared to be feasible due to high... Read More

Dr. Heath on Recent Approvals in Nonmetastic Prostate Cancer

Dr. Elisabeth Heath, of ZERO Prostate Cancer’s Medical Advisory Board, discusses the recent recognition of apalutamide (Erleada), enzalutamide (Xtandi), and darolutamide... Read More

Dr. Sharma Discusses Immunotherapy in Prostate Cancer

Padmanee Sharma, MD, PhD, professor of Immunology in the Department of Genitourinary Medical Oncology at The University of Texas MD... Read More

Expert Emphasizes Inclusivity in Prostate Cancer Trials

African-American patients are at a higher risk of developing and dying from prostate cancer. Additionally, these men are typically diagnosed... Read More

Rethinking the Prostate Cancer Paradigm in the Urology Community

The urology community is deficient in identifying the patient with advanced prostate cancer who is at risk of developing metastatic... Read More

ASCO Adds New Combos for Metastatic Noncastrate Prostate Cancer

Use of androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) in combination with docetaxel (Taxotere) or abiraterone (Zytiga) in newly diagnosed cases of metastatic... Read More

Sequencing Challenges Persist in Metastatic Prostate Cancer

In this interview, Scott Samuelson, MD, explains that there is no definitive evidence to support the use of one agent over... Read More

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