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AAA Doses First Patients in Two Clinical Studies with PSMA-R2 for Prostate Cancer

Advanced Accelerator Applications S.A. (AAA), today announced that the first patients have been dosed in two clinical studies of radiolabeled... Read More

Physicians Test Technique to Preserve Potency in Men Undergoing Prostate

“Will treatment make me impotent?” It’s a question on the minds of many men as they are making decisions about... Read More

Prostate Cancer and Exercise

Exercise can help to improve cardiovascular health, build muscle strength, increase self-esteem, and reduce anxiety levels. It can also help... Read More

New Type of Sensor Acts Like Velcro for Prostate Cancer Cells

Researchers have developed a new type of sensor that acts like Velcro® for prostate cancer cells, sticking them to a modified... Read More

More Frequent Post Treatment Monitoring Does Not Improve Survival in Prostate Cancer Patients, Finds Study

Prostate cancer patients who were monitored more frequently after treatment did not live significantly longer than patients who were monitored... Read More

Study Finds Reciprocal Link Between Emotional Distress and Treatment Side Effects of Prostate Cancer

A new study published in the Journal of Urology® reports that men with prostate cancer who had worse urinary, bowel, and sexual... Read More

Prostate Cancer Survivors at Higher Risk of Developing Chronic Diseases, Study Shows

Prostate cancer survivors taking androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), a treatment commonly used to block the release of male hormones, are... Read More

Should MRI be Used to Diagnose Prostate Cancer?

Therefore, in individuals with a high PSA value and negative first biopsy, a more reliable alternative test is needed for... Read More

Automated Bone Scan Index Offers Accurate, Speedy Prognostic Information About Prostate Cancer

A software tool to automatically calculate how extensively bones have been infiltrated by prostate cancer is both accurate and speedy,... Read More

Study Uncovers Promising New Line of Attack Against Aggressive Prostate Cancer

UC San Francisco researchers have discovered a promising new line of attack against lethal, treatment-resistant prostate cancer. Analysis of hundreds... Read More

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