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Research Identifies Cells That May be Responsible for Prostate Cancer Recurrence

Although men with prostate cancer usually respond to standard treatment with hormone therapy or chemotherapy, many will eventually experience progression... Read More

Researchers Zero in on Molecular Fingerprint for Prostate Cancer

“Cancer Biomarkers in Australia” by the Sansom Institute for Health Research at the University of South Australia (UniSA) found that the... Read More

Low Testosterone Levels Linked to Reduced Risk of Prostate Cancer

Men with unusually low amounts of testosterone in their blood are around 20% less likely to develop prostate cancer, according... Read More

Promising New Prostate Cancer Test Developed

An easy to produce prostate cancer tracer, a substance vital for the discovery of cancers, has been developed by King’s... Read More

Availability of Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery Could be a Bigger Draw for Patients Than Quality of Hospital

Prostate cancer patients in England may base their choice of hospital for surgery on the availability of new technology, rather... Read More

Software Helps Men with Prostate Cancer Choose the Right Treatments

The options men have after a diagnosis have different side effects and trade-offs. So choosing, for example, between radiation therapy... Read More

Software Helps Men with Prostate Cancer Choose the Right Treatments

Like many men diagnosed with prostate cancer, Bill Pickett faced a tough question when he came to UCLA for treatment:... Read More

Vascular Targeted Photodynamic Tx Aids Low-Risk Prostate Cancer

For men with low-risk prostate cancer, vascular targeted photodynamic therapy achieves an 82 percent rate of absent clinically significant cancer... Read More

Research Looks to Slow Prostate Cancer’s ‘Joyride’

When it comes to arresting cancer’s joyride through the body, one Western researcher’s work looks to be the ‘traffic cop’... Read More

Genes May Cause Tumor Aggressiveness and Drug Resistance in African-American Prostate Cancer

A form of genetic variation, called differential RNA splicing, may have a role in tumor aggressiveness and drug resistance in... Read More

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