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New Prostate Cancer Blood Test Could Reduce Biopsies

A new blood test that looks for circulating tumor cells could significantly improve the diagnosis of prostate cancer and avoid... Read More

Urine test can help diagnose aggressive prostate cancer

Recent research has revealed that a new urine test can detect aggressive prostate cancer cases that need treatment up to... Read More

Prostate cancer: Scientists reveal new way to target stubborn cells

A new compound that targets hard-to-treat prostate cancer cells may pave the way for a new, more successful treatment in... Read More

Fighting Prostate Cancer with Groundbreaking New Technique

One of the primary reasons why creating and testing new prostate cancer drugs takes such a long time is that... Read More

What Makes Prostate Cancer Become Aggressive? Study Investigates

By pinpointing a genetic mechanism for aggressiveness in prostate cancer, researchers have paved the way for new treatments for advanced... Read More

Prostate Cancer: Scientists Find 63 ‘New Genetic Markers’

A 6-year research project identifies 63 gene changes that could help to indicate an increased risk of prostate cancer in... Read More

Targeting This Gene Could Kill Prostate Cancer

Researchers have recently discovered a new gene that plays an important role in promoting prostate cancer, and they have shown... Read More

‘Natural Insecticide’ Kills Advanced Prostate Cancer Cells

One of the hallmarks of advanced prostate cancer is a faulty PTEN tumor suppressor gene. Now, after screening compounds for... Read More

Prostate Cancer: How a Full Stomach Could Improve Treatment

Men with prostate cancer may soon be able to decrease their daily dose of medicine and avoid side effects simply... Read More

How Dietary Fat Helps Prostate Cancer to Spread

New research demonstrates how the fat contained within the Western diet, in combination with genetic factors, can cause prostate cancer... Read More

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