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Prostate Cancer: How Immune Cells Promote Tumor Growth

Researchers at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor may have found the reason why in prostate cancer metastasis, the body’s... Read More

How Nerves Fuel Prostate Cancer Growth

Certain nerves support the growth of prostate cancer via a tumor vessel proliferating “switch,” according to a study by researchers... Read More

Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer Increases Cardiac Risk

Androgen-deprivation therapy, which is a common treatment for prostate cancer, has been tentatively linked with an increased risk of cardiovascular... Read More

Prostate Cancer: Could a Breast Cancer Drug Reduce Recurrence?

A new study suggests that combining a breast cancer drug with hormone therapy could be a more effective strategy to... Read More

Prostate Cancer: Urine ‘Sniff Test’ May Reduce Unwarranted Biopsies

Researchers developing a urine “sniff test” for prostate cancer believe that, once perfected, their method will help doctors to reduce... Read More