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ZERO Prostate Cancer Summit 2021

Mark your calendar for the most impactful week in the movement to end prostate cancer! The annual Summit is a meeting that connects patients, caregivers, and some of the leading educators, researchers, and thought leaders in the prostate cancer community.

The ZERO Summit was virtual in 2021, full of informative session presentations, and downloadable educational materials. Download the PDF program for the 2021 Virtual ZERO Prostate Cancer Summit, and catch all the sessions you might have missed, right here on ZERO’s website!

Speaker Sessions

Sunday, February 28

Survivorship, Wellness, And Prostate Cancer During Covid-19

Dr. Mark Moyad shares updates on prostate cancer survivorship and wellness tools, and will discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted prostate cancer.

How Zero Helps You

Learn about ZERO’s nationwide efforts around advocacy, research, education, and fundraising. Plus, learn about ZERO’s patient programs and how they can help you.

Bold For Blue Awards

Sponsored by AbbVie. Join us as we “roll out” our blue carpet at the Bold for Blue Award Ceremony in celebration of the outstanding men, women, and families who have made an impact in the fight against prostate cancer.

Monday, March 1


Are you a first time advocate? Familiarize yourself with ZERO’s policy priorities, learn the fundamentals of compelling storytelling, and get caught up with the landscape in Washington, D.C.

  • ZERO Out Prostate Cancer through Policy – Get to know ZERO’s policy priorities, how they can change the lives of prostate cancer patients and their families, and how you can help.
  • Telling Your Story – Your story is the single most important tool in your advocacy toolbox – it’s the thing that illustrates the real life impact of policy change.  Learn the components of good storytelling and how to make an impact on your listeners.
  • What’s Going On? – Things change at lightning speed in Washington, D.C. We are at the beginning of a new Congress and a new Administration – this session will help to show you the lay of the land and the priorities of the people in power so that when you arrive at your Hill meetings, you already know “what’s going on.”

Conversations With Cal Ripken

Cal Ripken, Jr. isn’t just baseball’s Iron Man — he’s a prostate cancer survivor too. Hear his story of strength, resilience, and education on Monday, March 1, at 5 p.m. Eastern.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Overview: What’s Changing?

Gain a better understanding of all available prostate cancer treatment options. Hear about updates on clinical trials and what’s coming down the treatment pipeline so you can make the best decisions for you and your loved ones with your treatment team.

Understanding PCA Testing And Diagnosis

Learn the basics of how prostate cancer is diagnosed, which tests are used, and what’s new and changing in diagnostics.

Advances In Biomarker Testing

Biomarkers are becoming more and more important in helping experts better understand and treat prostate cancer.,  Learn how biomarkers can show what treatments might be right for you.

Sexual Health

Prostate cancer and its treatments can impact a man’s sexual health. This conversation will help you and your loved one deal with challenges that might occur after a diagnosis.

Tuesday, March 2

ZERO Advocacy Agenda And Prostate Cancer And Health Disparities

First-time advocate or longtime advocate, you can’t miss this deep dive on ZERO’s legislative priorities. CDC, PCRP, PSA4HIM, we’ll make you a master of the alphabet soup of prostate cancer policy. Did you know that where you live can impact your chances of prostate cancer survival? And did you know what the CDC is doing about that? Learn about health disparities in prostate cancer and how policy can make a difference.

  • ZERO Out Prostate Cancer through Policy – CDC, PCRP, PSA4HIM – do you know the ABCs of prostate cancer policy? This can’t-miss session is your primer on your legislative “asks” for your Hill meetings. By the end, you’ll be ready to teach a master class in prostate cancer priorities for the 117th Congress.
  • Social Determinants of Health, Disparities, and Prostate Cancer – You know that a family history of prostate cancer puts you at high risk, but did you know that your neighborhood can, too? Hear about the latest research on social determinants of health and disparities in prostate cancer.
  • CDC & Disparities –  You’ve heard of the CDC, but do you know what they’re doing to end prostate cancer? Learn about their latest efforts to reduce prostate cancer in high-risk patients and hear all about Nathan, the newest (artificial intelligence) member of the team!

Prostate Cancer: Understanding Today’s Treatment Challenges

Erleada, also known as apalutamide, is an androgen receptor inhibitor that was approved by the FDA for the treatment of patients with metastatic castration-sensitive prostate cancer (mCSPC) and non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (nmCRPC). Learn more about Erleada as a treatment option, as well as possible side effects and how to manage them.

The Prostate Cancer Journey: How To Get From Here To There

Experiencing prostate cancer —either from the patient or the caregiver perspective — can be challenging. Discover tips to better manage your mental and physical health during a diagnosis, treatment, and beyond.

Prostate Cancer And Fake News

Knowing what’s real and what’s fake in today’s information-at-your-fingertips world can be tough. Learn tips on what to look for and how to know what is fact and what is fiction.

Racial Disparities In Prostate Cancer And Black Men

Black men are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer and also more likely to die from the disease. Learn what’s being done to combat this health inequity, and why access to care, social determinants of health, and discussions of mistrust in the Black community are so important. (Washington Post OpEd by Dr. Holmes can be found here)

Wednesday, March 3

Ready, Set, Advocate!

You learned about ZERO’s legislative priorities, but are you ready to ask Congress for support? Learn about how the virtual meetings will work, practice your “elevator speech,” and ask all your questions in today’s advocacy session.

  • Virtual Visits: Nuts & Bolts – Curious about how you’ll find your virtual meeting room? This session will teach you all about the meeting platform, what to expect on the day of your meetings, and how to get technical assistance.
  • Real Stories, Virtual Visits –  Practice makes perfect! Tell your story and advocate for ZERO’s legislative priorities as you role-play Hill meetings. Get real-time feedback and ask all your important questions.

Androgens, Hormonal Therapy, And Response In Prostate Cancer

Hormone therapy for those with prostate cancer can be a life-changing option. Learn what’s new in hormone therapy and if it’s an option for you.

Treatment Update: Parp Inhibitors

Previously approved in breast and ovarian cancer, PARP inhibitors finally gained FDA approval for prostate cancer last year. Learn which patients are more likely to benefit from these new treatments, and get updates on data from relevant clinical trials.

Top 10 Things To Know About Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

Clinical trials must reflect the patient community so new and better treatment options become available. Researchers and trial sponsors can confront health disparities by ensuring clinical trials are diverse, inclusive, and representative of the entire patient population.

Racial Disparities Panel

Join members of ZERO’s Racial Disparities Task Force in a conversation about health inequities in prostate cancer. Hear from experts as they reflect on these important issues and share their direct experience.

Thursday, March 4

The Future Of Prostate Cancer Research And Prostate Cancer Policy Across The Country — State Issues

Learn more about the Prostate Cancer Research Program, one of the biggest driving forces behind new and innovative prostate cancer research, and how you can get involved. Get an update on how ZERO is working to improve the lives of prostate cancer patients and their families all across the country.

  • Determining the Future of PC Research- We’ll be advocating for increased funding for the Prostate Cancer Research Program, but are you up to date on the latest on this important catalyst for new and innovative treatments and diagnostics? Hear directly from Dr. Melissa Cunningham, the director of the program, about the history and latest successes of the PCRP.
  • How Can You Drive Prostate Cancer Research?-  Did you know you can help to determine the next research projects funded by the PCRP? Hear from patients who have served as consumer reviewers for the PCRP grant program. Learn about the benefits of participation and how you can get involved.

Oral Adt: What You Need To Know

The option of an androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) being administered orally could have a significant impact on the lifestyle of a man with prostate cancer. Learn more about oral ADT treatments and how they might differ from injectable ADT treatments.

BiTE Technology In Immuno Oncology

Join us to learn about a new, groundbreaking immuno-oncology platform – Bispecific T-cell engager technology, or BiTE.

PSMA PET Imaging

In 2020 the FDA approved the first PSMA-targeted PET imaging treatment for men with prostate cancer. PSMA (prostate-specific membrane antigen) is a protein found mainly on prostate cancer cells and targeting PSMA may make it easier to find prostate cancer during a PET scan.

Imaging And Early Detection Of Advanced Disease

Advances in PET scan, CT scan, bone scan, and MRI technology are helping men detect the spread of prostate cancer more quickly, leading to better outcomes.

Veterans And Prostate Cancer

Veterans have a double risk of prostate cancer compared to civilians.  Get the facts, learn how ZERO can help you, and hear about Veterans’ experiences navigating the VA and getting care in their communities.

Navigating Finances And Insurance

Navigating finances and insurance isn’t easy for anyone, let alone someone dealing with cancer. Learn about practical advice and resources available to help you during this challenging time.