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ZERO360 is a free, comprehensive patient support service to help patients and their families navigate insurance and financial obstacles to cover treatment and other critical needs associated with cancer.


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There is no better time to give, every dollar will be doubled with our $200,000 Holiday Match! 

This holiday season, YOU can help patients and families in need. More than ever, men facing prostate cancer need support, resources, and community due to the negative impacts of COVID-19. Your gift makes a difference in the lives of the patients and caregivers seen on this page and many more around the country who are struggling during the pandemic. From interrupted treatments to financial hardships and emotional distress, your gift is critical to bring direct support when families need it most. Give a gift today to help patients and families in their moment of need.



Dale Golgart

Because of COVID-19, I spent my chemo sessions alone, as my worried wife waited in our car. To say it’s been tough on both of us is an understatement.

I have wonderful support from my wife, family, and friends who I know are there for me and praying for me. Through it all, we know God is in control and our faith has helped us remain calm and not panic during recurrent cancer and COVID-19 epidemic.”



Lyle Leuck

“ZERO has been an awesome help to me throughout my 10-year prostate cancer journey. This community is a wonderful group of people who provide the support and love needed to get through trying times — even more so with the complexity of COVID-19 on top of a cancer diagnosis. They provide a wide variety of resources and support. The thing I like best is that ZERO empowers me as a patient to speak up and advocate. ZERO takes bold action and moves the fight against prostate cancer forward on a daily basis. Being a part of ZERO makes me feel like I am a part of the solution!”


Caesar Blevins

“I am still fighting my fight as an advanced prostate cancer patient. I am a stage 4 metastatic patient for the last 11 years. I want to say thank you to ZERO and all my fellow advocated for what you do! The tunnel may be long but there is light at the end! Let’s keep fighting and uplifting each other. Remember, in order to progress we must first process!”



Catherine Hawley

“My family first got involved with ZERO when we signed up for one of the walk/run events in 2015. My siblings and I created a team to show our father, who was battling prostate cancer, just how much love and support he had behind him. Unfortunately, he never made it to that first event. But Team Chemosabes did, and we continue to raise money and take part in the walk/run every year in my Dad’s memory.

ZERO has been incredibly supportive through the loss of my father, and we have seen firsthand the amazing education, outreach, programs, and help they offer to men and their families dealing with this horrible diagnosis. The money raised funds critical support and research to try and end this cancer.”


Mark Hagenbuch

“As a couple in our sixties, my wife Linda and I were already very worried and concerned about our health and safety. But our stress has taken on a whole new level, as I’m currently fighting advanced prostate cancer.

While the future is uncertain, I know you will help patients stay #ZEROStrong! It is up to all of us to do whatever it takes to save lives by supporting those most vulnerable within the prostate cancer community. With every dollar given, more patients will get a dedicated case manager to support them every step of the way. We can’t do this without you!”


Dennis Stanley

“Most men don’t want to talk about prostate cancer. They hide away from it. I have conversations with men that come in the door [of my bakery] all the time that don’t want to talk about prostate cancer. But once I put out all of my ZERO materials, it gave them a little bit of freedom so they could open up and tell me about some of the things they have been going through.”




Jeff Holbert

“As a prostate cancer survivor, I find the ZERO Community to be encouraging, positive, and supportive. Through their many outreach and assistance programs, they reach many families dealing with this ugly disease and make a difference in their lives.”





Joe Musumeci

“I am an almost seven-year prostate cancer survivor. I found out about ZERO when I joined a ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk just three months after my surgery. Since then, I have run in many more ZERO events, and am part of the ZERO Connect Support Group. The fact that 85 percent of the money that ZERO raises goes to programs that directly benefit patients and survivors makes what they do even more commendable.”



Maureen Ferguson

I vividly remember the day my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in April of 2017. Most weekdays, he always got home after me, but that day, I was surprised to find him already home and starting dinner. He shared with me that he received a call from the doctor that afternoon, telling him his biopsy confirmed he had prostate cancer. I was shocked and scared.

At the time of my husband’s diagnosis, I was beginning to get into running and wanted to run a race that supported a great cause. I googled races for prostate cancer online and that’s how I found ZERO. Throughout his cancer journey, our cancer journey, we’ve felt the love and support of so many wonderful people, including our many new friends at ZERO. With all of the obstacles cancer has thrown our way, from him battling a cancer we never thought he would have, to me learning to support him as his caregiver, we didn’t feel alone, because we knew we had ZERO to lean on.”

Randy Kam

“I was hit with Stage IV PCa in 2015. I found ZERO by searching online and ran my first ZERO Run/Walk in 2017. That was the beginning of a still ongoing relationship with ZERO. They are very supportive of us PCa victims, proactive with encouraging screenings, and events.

ZERO has allowed me to share my story — whether it’s via blog post or an endurance event, they let me speak up about my experience and cheer me on in doing so.

ZERO is such a wonderful organization, but more importantly, they really feel like my second Ohana (family). Any man stricken with prostate cancer will benefit greatly from ZERO’s support.”


Geoffrey Klein

“ZERO has a plethora of resources and materials available to those with prostate cancer and their families. The staff is passionate, accessible, compassionate, and talented in all it does. Thank you, ZERO, for all you do for the prostate cancer community!”




Megan Curdy

“ZERO has been there for when my family has needed it. From advice, both medical and emotional, to developing a community of sharing and collaborating, we are very proud to be standing in linked arms with this great cause. Without ZERO, we would be lost in a sea of questions and distress.”


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