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Thank you for making our Giving Tuesday 2021 a huge success. Because of your kind donations, we reached our $50K fundraising goal. Your gifts go straight to helping men and their families battle prostate cancer. Thank you for helping to #EndProstateCancer. If you’ve found this page outside of the normal Giving Tuesday time period, please watch our special coverage from previous years. These in-depth specials feature the men your donation dollars are helping and the programs that support them. SAVE THE DATE FOR GIVING TUESDAY 2022 – Tuesday, November 29, 2022.

Please check out our Giving Tuesday coverage from year’s past. You’ll meet more amazing patients, survivors and their families. We call them our “ZERO family” and it’s why we’re working so hard to #EndProstateCancer.

Giving Tuesday 2020

Giving Tuesday NOW - May 5, 2020

Giving Tuesday Now – Yoga
Need a de-stresser? Well click that REMINDER button because we’re kicking of Giving Tuesday Now with YOGA! Join Tami as she talks about the benefits of yoga for prostate cancer patients, her journey to ZERO, and how you can stay connected during the COVID-19 crisis. And yes, she has TWO YOGA DEMOS for you.

ZERO is trying to raise $25K on Giving Tuesday for the ZERO COVID-19 Support Fund. You don’t have to wait until next week to donate. Our fundraiser is LIVE right now here on Facebook. NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL! Every cent helps a man battling prostate cancer.

Giving Tuesday Now – ZERO360 and Duane Holmes
ZERO360 offers thousands of prostate cancer patients a way to find access to care, financial aid, and emotional support when they need it most. As part of our Giving Tuesday Now coverage, we’ll introduce you to Duane Holmes, a patient who knows firsthand what this program can do for men facing hardships related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Join ZERO for a full day of special coverage here on Facebook – May 5th.
Remember – by donating to our ZERO COVID-19 Support Fund, you will make sure that prostate cancer patients can still access the expensive treatments that are saving their lives. Donate NOW here on Facebook.

Giving Tuesday Now – Mike Crosby
ZERO partnered with Veterans Prostate Cancer Awareness a few months ago to address the critical needs of Veterans facing prostate cancer. With COVID-19, these needs are at an all time high. Please join ZERO and  Mike Crosby on Tues. May 5th for an in-depth look at the state of veterans, prostate cancer and the coronavirus. It’s all part of our special #GivingTuesdayNow LIVE coverage here on Facebook.

Giving Tuesday Now – Bryce Olsen
On Giving Tuesday, ZERO introduces you to prostate cancer patients on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. At 10am EDT on May 5th, meet Bryce Olson – a patient whose treatment, clinical trial and family life have all been reshaped by this pandemic.
With your help, ZERO is trying to raise $25K on Giving Tuesday. That money goes to the ZERO COVID-19 Support Fund, allowing us to help more patients who need our help more than ever. Click the REMINDER button and join us on Tues. May 5 for Giving Tuesday Now.

Giving Tuesday Now – Giving Tuesday Now: ZERO Match Donors Inspire Day of Giving
You’ve heard of the MAN BEHIND THE MASK. Well, ZERO wants you to meet the MEN BEHIND THE MATCH! When you donate to ZERO’s COVID-19 Support Fund, your gift is MATCHED, allowing us to help more prostate cancer patients. The men who make that match possible generally like to remain anonymous. But ths Giving Tuesday is so special, they decided to speak out. Not only are they sharing their own prostate cancer journeys, but they have a collective message that will truly inspire a DAY OF GIVING.

Giving Tuesday Now – Meet Mark Hagenbuch
Managing doctor visits and meds are tough enough on many prostate cancer patients. Now, our men must put on masks and face the coronavirus when seeking treatments. This new reality is why we launched the ZERO COVID-19 Support Fund. More prostate cancer patients than ever before need help.
In this Giving Tuesday Now interview, Mark Hagenbuch shares his thoughts on staying positive, staying healthy and staying strong. Click the REMINDER so you can catch our special Giving Tuesday Now coverage all day long on May 5th. And don’t forgeet to DONATE.

Giving Tuesday Now – Update on ZERO’s Run/Walk Series
COVID-19 forced ZERO and so many of our creative Run/Walk volunteers to reimagine how we get things done! On Giviing Tuesday Now, ZERO’s VP of Events Tracy Cesaretti has some important updates on the future of our race series. Tune in on Tuesday, May 5th.
And don’t forget to donate to the ZERO COVID-19 Support Fund. When you donte, you’re making a huge impact on a prosate cancer patient who needs financial or emotional support right now. You can give to the fundraiser set up right here on this Facebook page. THANK YOU!

Giving Tuesday Now – Q&A with Dr. Alicia Morgans
Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we’ve been getting all sorts of questions from prostate cancer patients and caregivers. From “Will delaying my treatment harm me?” to “Should I wear a mask?” – Dr. Alicia Morgans has answers in this special Giving Tuesday Now Q&A session.
Join us Tuesday, May 5th for Giving Tuesday Now. We’re trying to raise $25K for the ZERO COVID-19 Support Fund. Donating means you’re helping prostate cancer patients at a time when they need it most! ZEROcancer.org

Giving Tuesday Now – Meet ZERO MENtor Mical Roy
The ZERO MENtor program is working hard to ease the stresses of prostate cancer patients facing new obstacles due to COVID-19. On Tuesday, May 5th – you’ll meet Mical Roy during our special Giving Tuesday Now coverage here on Facebook.
Mical was just 37 when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. But in less than 2 years, he’s become a survivor, a passionate advocate – and a ZERO MENtor. Meet Mical and learn how you can help support this program on #GivingTuesday.

Giving Tuesday Now – Meet Barry Berglund
If you’re wondering WHY you should donate to ZERO on Giving Tuesday, Barry Berglund has the best answer for ya! He’s not only a donor himself, but he’s got amazing insight into ZERO Connect, staying healthy during the COVID-19 crisis and clinical trials. You don’t want to miss this chat with Barry and ZERO’s Shawn Supers on Tuesday, May 5th.

Giving Tuesday Now – Meet John Vaughn
Since COVID-19, you’ve probably heard things like “isolation” and “new normal”. Prostate cancer patients understood those words on a level you might not have thought about. 
As part of our Giving Tuesday Now coverage, ZERO Champion, survivor and MENtor John Vaughn shares his own prostate cancer journey – and how he’s helping men who’ve been diagnosed since COVID-19 entered our worlds. 

Giving Tuesday Now – Meet Donor Rick Pollak
What do you do when five of your close friends are diagnosed with prostate cancer? If you’re Rick Pollak, you become a passionate donor with a message that everyone can take to heart. 
This Giving Tuesday, join ZERO’s Shawn Supers for a chat about why giving NOW is more important than ever. ZERO’s full day of coverage gets underway Tues. May 5th here on Facebook.

Giving Tuesday Now – Tracy Morgan’s Mohawk
Did he do it because the barber shops were closed? Did he do it because self-quarantining was making him a little nuts? NOPE! Tracy Morgan buzzed his hair into a mohawk so he could help prostate cancer patients during the COVID-19 crisis.
On Tuesday, May 5th – you’ll meet this fundraising rockstar during ZERO’s #GivingTuesdayNow coverage here on Facebook. This is an interview you don’t want to miss. So click that REMINDER!

Giving Tuesday Now – ZERO’s Programs Need Your Support
Why donate to the ZERO COVID-19 Support Fund? Because our programs help men battle prostate cancer – and with COVID-19, the need for these resources are at an all time high. 
On Tues. May 5, ZERO’s Colony Brown and Patrice Jones talk about each of ZERO’s main programs – and the record number of patients and caregivers who are reaching out. It’s all part of our #GivingTuesdayNow coverage on Facebook.
You don’t have to wait until Giving Tuesday to donate. We have a fundraiser set up on this Facebook page. If you donate today, your gift is matched – doubling your impact on men with prostate cancer.

Giving Tuesday Now – Meet Sarah and Amy
These sisters have a simple, but powerful Giving Tuesday message – “These men need us right now. And their families need us.” 
ZERO agrees and that’s why Sarah Dunn and Amy Donaldson are joining us for #GivingTuesdayNow to talk about prostate cancer, COVID-19 – and the families affected by both. 

Giving Tuesday Now – Introducing ZERO’s Caregiver Connector
Finding out that your loved one has prostate cancer and stepping into a new role as a caregiver can be an experience full of stress, uncertainty, and fear. Add COVID-19 and things can quickly become even more stressful. That’s why ZERO developed Caregiver Connector. It’s a peer-to-peer support program for those currently caring for men with prostate cancer as well as those who have lost their loved one due to this disease.
The need for this program has been heightened by the coronavirus crisis. Please join ZERO’s Patient Education and Programs Manager Kate Gibbons for an in-depth look at this resource. You’ll also meet an amazing Caregiver Connector mentor who knows firsthand what it’s like to lose a loved one to prostate cancer. 

Giving Tuesday Now – Dr. Gordon Brown
The world has certainly changed for everyone in our prostate cancer community – and that’s certainly the case for urologists. In this special #GivingTuesdayNow interview, Dr. Gordon Brown of New Jersey Urology explains how practices and patients are adapting to the COVID-19 crisis.

Giving Tuesday Now – Some ZERO Good News
We’ve been talking about a lot of heavy issues today – so we thought it would be nice to lighten things up with SOME ZERO GOOD NEWS. Yes, it’s a spinoff of John Krasinski’s SOME GOOD NEWS, but we’ve put our ZERO twist on it! Join SZGN Anchor Jamie Bearse for this special #GivingTuesdayNow episode. (And don’t forget to DONATE! Krasinski, we’re talkin’ to you!)

Giving Tuesday Now – ZERO Connect with Randy Kam
One way ZERO is supporting the prostate cancer community during the COVID-19 crisis is with ZERO Connect. It’s an online Facebook group where you can find support from a community of patients and caregivers who have been impacted by prostate cancer. 
ZERO champion and prostate cancer patient Randy Kam is a valued member of this online support group. In this #GivingTuesdayNow interview, he chats with ZERO’s Andrea Sweet about connecting during COVID-19, and how he’s celebrating a huge milestone since his diagnosis. It’s all happening TODAY right here on Facebook. Watch and donate!

Giving Tuesday Now – Alison Sachs
How are you doing? We know that prostate cancer patients and caregivers are under a tremendous amount of stress these days. That’s why we brought in Medical Advisory Board member Alison Sachs. If you’re feeling the pressures of prostate cancer and COVID-19, you need to watch this segment and listen to her advice. 

Giving Tuesday Now – Jimmy Charles
We’re hoping we have a lot to celebrate later tonight – like raising $25K for the ZERO COVID-19 Support Fund! Join our National Prostate Cancer Run/Walk spokesperson Jimmy Charles for a special #GivingTuesdayNow concert at 10pm EDT/7pm PDT right here on Facebook. 

Giving Tuesday Now – Match Update
Our Giving Tuesday Now coverage is coming to a close soon. Join ZERO’s CEO Jamie Bearse to learn how close we are to our $25,000 match goal to help prostate cancer patients and families through this unprecedented pandemic. 
We can only end prostate cancer with your generous and boundless support.

Giving Tuesday Now – THANK YOU
Prostate cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, doctors and donors – thank you for an incredible day of giving. It’s tough to find the exact words for how we feel about all of you – but we think our Mid-Atlantic Chapter Director Caitlin Murphy expresses it best. #GivingTuesdayNow

Giving Tuesday 2019

Giving Tuesday 2019 – Good Morning from Jamie
Good morning! Grab your coffee. Watch this vid. And click that DONATE button to END PROSTATE CANCER! 

Giving Tuesday Official Kickoff!  
Hosts Colony Brown and Jamie Bearse are here to kickoff Giving Tuesday and share why ZERO is turning Giving Tuesday Blue!

Giving Tuesday 2019 – Mike Crosby
Jamie visits with Veteran and prostate cancer survivor Mike Crosby.

Giving Tuesday 2019 – Texas Update
Diagnosed with prostate cancer at 37! Mical shares his Giving Tuesday message with ZERO’s Texas Chapter Director Tracy Crites and all men watching today.

Giving Tuesday 2019 – Noon Update
We’re excited to have Dr. Sandy Siegel LIVE with a Giving Tuesday message for all men! Plus, Shawn updates everyone on the some of our top Grow & Give teams! 

Giving Tuesday 2019 – Midwest Update
ZERO’s Midwest Chapter Director Emily Byrne shares her Giving Tuesday message with you – and the story of a prostate cancer survivor that will touch your heart.

Giving Tuesday LIVE – Chef Dennis Stanley
Standby for a LIVE surprise on this Giving Tuesday! Chantels Bakery Dennis Stanley Sr.

Giving Tuesday – Chas Rodgers
He’s not only a prostate cancer survivor, but Chas Rodgers is an ADVOCATE  – and his story is vital to raising awareness about this disease. Chas sat down with ZERO’s Vanessa Petersen to share his journey and message on this Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday – East Coast Metro Update
“You have cancer.” – 3 words that will change your life. As we continue to share journeys of men who’ve battled prostate cancer on this Giving Tuesday, ZERO’s Renee Haney introduces us to Bob, a survivor, advocate and fundraiser!

Giving Tuesday – Dr Eugene Rhee
This is an interview you don’t want to miss! Dr. Rhee talks about the early days of breast cancer awareness – and how that relates to what ZERO is doing today in the prostate cancer world. Please listen and then make your donation.
The same way the amazing people at Komen are turning things PINK, we’re aiming to go BLUE for the men battling prostate cancer. ZEROcancer.org

Giving Tuesday – Geoffrey Klein
Yeah, it’s late. But when men’s lives are at stake, we’ll stay up all night if we have to! On this Giving Tuesday, prostate cancer survivor and champion Geoffrey Klein sits down with ZERO’s Caitlin Murphy to talk about the test that saved his life.
Watch his video and then click that donate button. All gifts today are matched dollar for dollar – helping more men in the fight against prostate cancer.

Giving Tuesday – We Did It!
We set out with a goal to raise $50K to turn Giving Tuesday BLUE for all men in the fight against prostate cancer. And WE DID IT thanks to your generous donations. Our heart is literally filled with your love and passion. With our match, your $50K is now $100K – meaning we can help more men and their families! #EndProstateCancer