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Warren Foster

When Warren Foster – a San Francisco resident and avid body builder – was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer, he felt as if he were on a football field by himself. After his PSA level began to rise, his doctor sent him for a referral to Golden Gate Urology, where he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and began radiation treatment. At first Warren felt despondent over his diagnosis. He was a healthy, active man who ate right and exercised regularly, but he soon found out that prostate cancer isn’t selective.

I was jogging, lifting weights, going on down life’s merry highway until my PSA levels came up… I went into a depression at first. Now, I’m glad to be alive.

He began to get involved sharing prostate cancer awareness in his local community, talking to men and explaining the need for education, early detection, and talking to their doctors about being screened. Warren knows that getting tested can save a man’s life, and he makes sure other men know that as well. He’s an avid advocate for awareness and reminds men that although they don’t want to talk about prostate cancer, it’s important that they do.

There are many men who think they won’t ever get prostate cancer, or that it isn’t something they want to talk about. When I was diagnosed, it felt like I was standing on a football field all by myself. I got involved with ZERO and raised awareness because I wanted to help other men from feeling the same way.

Warren remains active and returned to work following his treatment; he now shares his story as a ZERO advocate to inspire other men and to increase awareness around the disease. He participates and fundraises each year at the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk in San Francisco, and is a frequent attendee of the ZERO Summit in Washington, DC. At each year’s ZERO Summit, Warren is able to connect with other prostate cancer survivors, patients, and advocates, and spends time fighting for increased federal prostate cancer research funding among his elected officials.

ZERO and the San Francisco Run/Walk are giving men an opportunity to grab hold of their health. Today and every day, ZERO is fighting for the cure, and I am happy to be able to help in that fight.

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