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Vivian Avery

Vivian Avery watched both her father and father-in-law battle prostate cancer. Watching two men she loved battle such a terrible disease, Vivian knew she wanted to fight back.

My husband John and I both lost our dads to prostate cancer. We remember so well their strength, character, and fortitude, but unfortunately, prostate cancer doesn’t care.

She also witnessed the impact the disease had on her family. Her mother experienced both the physical and financial burdens of the disease and its treatment alongside her father. Vivian’s husband, John, and his four brothers also watched their father lose his valiant battle with the disease. Vivian knew that she didn’t want to watch any more men suffer from prostate cancer, and so she found ZERO. Since then, she’s become a dedicated advocate who strives to see a world where no family has to suffer from prostate cancer.

I want to be able to help not only my family, but other families get through this. They shouldn’t have to go through it. They shouldn’t have to suffer…Education is the key.

After deciding to get involved in the cause, Vivian attended her first ZERO Prostate Cancer Summit in Washington, D.C. where she advocated for increased prostate cancer research funding on Capitol Hill. 2017 marked her fifth Summit as a ZERO advocate and champion.

Our hard-working dads lost their battles to prostate cancer before their golden years, and missed out precious time with their family. I don’t want prostate cancer to take another father away from his family. John and I now dedicate our lives to educating men about prostate cancer, which is far too prevalent in the African-American community.

Along with her work on Capitol Hill, Vivian also works tirelessly in her community. She educates and spreads awareness at health fairs and events, manning a ZERO table to speak to men about their risk for the disease. Not only does she encourage men to take action, she also urges women to educate themselves as well.

I’m a proponent of educating women to educate and help their men. Too many men are dying from this disease, which if caught early is something that can be controlled. We are losing too many men from something that can potentially be eradicated.

Her undeniable passion to find an end for prostate cancer has molded her into a strong and inspiring advocate.

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