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Peter L. Roberts

Fourteen years ago, Peter Roberts was given six months to live. He was fifty years old and had just been diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer.

While his doctor performed a DRE each year, he’d never before heard of the PSA test until he was referred to a urologist following some unusual back pain. At the time of his diagnosis, his PSA came back at 1,000. Afterward, he read everything he could about the disease, finally sitting both his urologist and oncologist down together to discuss his treatment plan. He first began to treat the disease with chemo, and his numbers started going down.

I insisted my urologist and oncologist sit down together to discuss my options. It was a tough meeting to arrange, but worth every second.

He decided then and there to share his story with others so that more men would become aware of the disease. He volunteered with local organizations and spread the word in his community in any way he could. Throughout his entire journey his positive attitude never wavered, despite the many side effects of his cancer. In the past 14 years he’s had kidney, brain, and jaw surgery as a result of his disease and treatment, along with detached retinas, and other serious ailments. He hasn’t let that get him down either. His positive attitude and strength have inspired many men on their journeys as well.

When my doctors need someone to talk to a man who is newly diagnosed, they refer him to me. I help make heads or tails of what he just heard from the doctor.

In addition to volunteering his time to raise awareness and talking to newly diagnosed men, Peter also shares information on his website, www.saveyourmales.org. He speaks to local support groups and has attended ZERO’s Prostate Cancer Summit to lobby his elected officials on Capitol Hill for increased research funding.

Despite everything, I’m a happy guy, because I’m here. I have a mission to do. My advice to other men? Keep on going.

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Photo credit: The Greenville News