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Nick Cascio

Nick Cascio’s prostate cancer diagnosis was prompted when he moved from Stroudsburg to the Lehigh Valley and changed doctors. He was diagnosed at age 66, and after discovering his prostate cancer was metastatic and had spread to the bone, Nick underwent chemotherapy treatments. Though the treatments were some of the toughest he’d endured, he is now enjoying his active lifestyle again.

When I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer, it was not initially due to a rising PSA. I was first diagnosed because of a Digital Rectal Exam, and I now urge men to have this exam in addition to having their PSA tested. Testing and early detection are vitally important.

Determined to spread awareness for the disease that impacted his life so greatly, Nick got involved with the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk in Lehigh Valley. In the past two years, Nick has raised nearly $20,000 through more than 200 donations each year from friends, family, and neighbors in his community. He encourages friends and family to run on his team and creates custom t-shirts. Nick’s dedication to raising awareness for men and families affected by the disease is unwavering and inspirational.

Though he is no longer allowed to run, Nick is determined to walk to raise awareness. Nick walks for those who can’t, and now that he cannot run, is asking others to run in his stead.

Like many other families, my life has been affected by prostate cancer. It is because of my experience and the experience of my neighbors and the men around me that I’ve decided to fundraise for the Run/Walk event . After the cancer spread to my bones and I was told that I couldn’t run, it was a very emotional time for me, and it is important to me to spread awareness and to support other men who may be feeling the same way.