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Mike Rotz

Mike Rotz always knew he had to be tested for prostate cancer. Having lost his grandfather and two great uncles to the disease – and experiencing his father’s diagnosis 16 years ago – Mike’s chances of being diagnosed were high.

He began getting PSA tests annually when he was 40. Though his PSA had steadily increased over the years, he’d never had a biopsy. Last June he went to see a new doctor who questioned him about his history, and three months later his PSA had gone up once again. A biopsy confirmed: he had prostate cancer; he was only 51. He elected to have surgery in January 2017 and is now cancer-free.

Having a supportive spouse is so important. My wife was by my side no matter what and I am so grateful to her.

This will be his first year participating in the Harrisburg Run/Walk and his first time running after his surgery. He discovered ZERO’s work to fight prostate cancer after being introduced to Mid-Atlantic Chapter Director, Shawn Supers, at a local support group. He now shares his story with friends, family, and coworkers to help increase awareness, and hopes to continue to educate men about the disease and the importance of knowing their risk.

Events like the ZERO Run/Walk are so important for fundraising, but also for raising awareness. I was aware of my risk, but not many men are, and local events help get the word out and make them pay attention.