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Mike Crosby

Mike Crosby is a retired US Naval Commander and now serves as the President of Green Life Can, LLC. He is also an active advocate and the founder of the Veterans Prostate Cancer Awareness group, which aims to educate veterans about their risk for prostate cancer.

After leaving the Navy, Mike received all of his yearly physicals at the VA. In 2011, he switched to the Phoenix VA and requested testing to monitor his PSA each year. In 2014, he didn’t receive the results of his test and when he went back in October 2015 his PSA came back at 14.6; up until that point, he’d had no symptoms or indication that anything was wrong.

Instead of waiting the requisite 30 days to see a urologist that the doctor recommended, Mike walked in to see one the very next day. After receiving a plan to come back in six months for another PSA, followed by a biopsy and surgery another 30 days after that, Michael decided to get a second opinion.

In December of that same year, his new doctor diagnosed him with intermediate-risk prostate cancer. By the end of that month his initial radiology appointments were complete and Mike moved forward with CyberKnife. His diagnosis and treatment would not have come so swiftly had Mike not taken charge of his own health and become his own advocate for his medical care.

Prior to his treatment he decided to engage in an 8-year CyberKnife treatment study with his doctor, and three months after that treatment his PSA went down to four. He is fortunate to have had no side effects of treatment, and now one year later, his PSA is below 1.0.

Veterans have a high concentration of probable patients who are at risk and may not know it. I dedicate my time to raising awareness of prostate cancer in the veteran community as a whole, because it’s vitally important for these men.

Mike remains a tireless advocate, and was a featured speaker at the 2017 ZERO Annual Summit, presenting on the effect of prostate cancer in the veteran community.