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Mark Hagenbuch

Mark Hagenbuch is a prostate cancer survivor. He’s a passionate advocate and most recently attended the 2020 ZERO Prostate Cancer Summit in Washington, D.C..

Mark is also a fundraiser for ZERO, taking part in our Harrisburg Run/Walk and leading Team Angus.

Huge thank you to Mark for being the face of ZERO’s COVID-19 Support Fund Campaign. You are a hero to us and the entire prostate cancer community.

He was diagnosed in 2016 with stage IV prostate cancer. You can read his personal journey below.

Since my association with ZERO starting in 2016, I have talked about my journey. I was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer that had metastasized in my spine and a rib at that time. Now, the cancer has spread to four other areas, but not to soft tissue!!

July 14 is the 4th anniversary of the beginning of my chemo, which was followed by radiation, immunotherapy, and peppered with monthly injections of firmagon, xgeva, and with other injections of xofigo and lupron, and now I’m on heavy doses of xtandi. At this time my PSA is under control, the cancer has stopped … for now! My once fit body has gained weight and lost muscle tone. Walking is difficult and every ache and pain makes me worry that the cancer is spreading!

However, the positives are innumerable as I have huge support from family and friends, my religious faith is strengthened, I have doctors who are experts and care about me, and ZERO’s mission has become MY mission. I was diagnosed too late to stem the tide of this damn scourge so I am determined, with ZERO’s help, to educate others about early detection, and support my “brothers” and their families in the fight to identify new medications and treatments.

The ZERO folks are a family. We all work together to boost each other emotionally and physically. Although I have had to curtail some of my many volunteer activities, I continue to assist several historical organizations. But I lend my strongest support to ZERO because they keep me ZERO strong!  – Mark Hagenbuch