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Judy Berman and Bob Thompson

As is often the case, Judy Berman had to corral her husband to go to his routine physical exam in 2012. Bob Thompson was 58; however, his doctor did not recommend a PSA test. At Judy’s request, Bob insisted on one anyway. “You don’t know my wife,” he told his doctor. On his 59th birthday, Bob and Judy were told devastating news. Bob had moderately aggressive prostate cancer that had spread outside the prostate. They were terrified to learn that there is no known cure for prostate cancer that has spread to other parts of the body. After many hours of research and consultations into two equally aggressive treatment options, they decided on surgery to treat his disease. While the procedure was a success, Bob faced side effects and other challenges as part of his recovery.

In September 2013, Judy and Bob returned home from a dream trip to Tanzania and attended their first ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk in Baltimore hosted by Chesapeake Urology Associates. Judy and Bob make the race an annual tradition and Judy shared their story to raise awareness with a very moving article she authored about their journey. Four years later, Bob is still cancer-free, and they are the proud grandparents of twin boys. As passionate advocates for a cure, they hope that their grandsons will one day be part of Generation ZERO, the first generation free from prostate cancer.