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John Graham

Eight years ago John was diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer. He was only 55 years old and had been charting his PSA for 12 years. He was careful: he watched for signs of cancer and was aware of his risk and of the disease itself.

The first step to recovery is having a can-do spirit. The second is knowledge and the third is action. Do not simply ride in the backseat, wondering where you are going. That may only leave you hopeless; it is not the answer.

Due to his diligence, he was able to catch – and treat – his cancer early. He didn’t let his cancer defeat him. He thought through his options, stayed positive, and now hopes to encourage other men to do the same on their prostate cancer journeys. He has become very vocal in the years since his battle with prostate cancer, encouraging men to be mindful and aware and their health. He tells men: “No one loves you more than yourself when it comes to your health. Take charge of it.”

Now I think of tomorrows, of the things on my bucket list, of all the accomplishments I still have to achieve. I think of seeing my family grow up to potentials we never imagined.

He also spends time fishing – and speaking to men about the importance of the PSA test despite the controversy surrounding it.

You are not alone. I was where you were only eight years ago. Yes, you will have waves of anxious moments. Take control of the wheelhouse. There is tons of information you can gather to give you the sense of driving this thing you are going through. Pick the path and stay on it. There is so many ways to snuff out what is going on and leave you where you were.