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Jean Bruggman

Jean Bruggman’s dad was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer when she was 17 years old. Originally given a year to live, her father lived a few years past his original prognosis, allowing Jean to grow closer to her father during his battle. In that time, Jean and her dad built a support system and drew strength from each other, strength she needed to keep fighting even after his death.

Now, Jean fights for increased prostate cancer awareness and education in her home state of Minnesota. She serves as the Race Director for the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk – Twin Cities, an event with which she’s been involved for many years. She also joins ZERO in Washington, DC each year for the annual Advocacy Summit, where she speaks to her elected officials about increased prostate cancer research funding.

Jean fights year-round to increase prostate cancer awareness, starting with her own family. Jean educates her three sons about prostate cancer, and they help her spread the message about the importance of early detection in their community. She is a dedicated, tireless ZERO advocate who will stop at nothing to see an end to this disease.

I have three sons. My sons are probably more educated about prostate cancer than most men over the age of 40. They know that screening at 40 is mandatory, and they share that message with whomever they can. My sons understand the importance of early detection and that is the key: make sure that you are tested, and that you know your risk for the disease.
Jean Bruggman – Awareness & Education Champion

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