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Dr. Jim McAndrew

Dr. Jim McAndrew and his wife, Cynthia, began the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk in Tyler to honor his father and grandfather, who are prostate cancer survivors.

Jim, a urologist, knew he needed a biopsy when his PSA started rising at the age of 55. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer shortly after. After years of fighting for his patients and helping them through their prostate cancer diagnosis, Dr. McAndrew now had to fight for himself. He is now months post-surgery and back to work. His first follow-up PSA was undetectable.


Awareness is the key to early diagnosis and good treatment results. My recent diagnosis of prostate cancer made the need to promote awareness even more personal.

After taking a one-year hiatus, Jim and Cynthia are bringing the Run/Walk back to Tyler. Though they’d initially began the race in honor of his father and grandfather, this first event after Jim’s diagnosis is even more personal. As a urologist, he often diagnosed other men with prostate cancer, but even with his family history, he didn’t think it would be his turn.

National policy has been to discourage men from getting evaluated. While I can’t change national policy, I can encourage men in Tyler to be tested for prostate cancer. That’s why we do the race – men need to be aware of their need to be screened. The women also need to know about this, because the best way to get a man to go to the doctor is to tell his wife he needs to go to the doctor.

Cynthia herself is also the Race Director and organizer of the event! Jim and Cynthia are hoping that the 2017 Run/Walk will be even better than the 2015 event!