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Dr. Garrett Pohlman

Dr. Garrett Pohlman is a board-certified Urologist still actively practicing in a busy private Urology group in the Midwest. Every day he is helping men in diagnosing and managing their prostate issues. Since finishing Urology residency training in 2013, he has already treated over 4,000 men with various prostate conditions. 

He grew up on a registered Angus farm in northeast Nebraska. Growing up as a farm kid he quickly learned that patience and hard work was a way of life and these traits remain within him today. His parents modeled this life and also showed him what it is to be genuine and honest with people. He attributes his values and strong work ethics to his parents and states that he would not be where he is today without them.

He completed his Urology residency training at the University of Colorado Hospital, which offered comprehensive exposure in managing various prostate conditions. At the University of Colorado Hospital he was able to train with internationally renowned pioneers in prostate cancer including E. David Crawford, MD, on the forefront of prostate cancer treatment including targeted therapy for prostate cancer, which focuses on treating only the areas of cancer in the prostate.

Dr. Pohlman has recently started a podcast with the goal of better educating the general public regarding prostate health, the conditions that affect the prostate, and the latest technology in managing these conditions. You can listen to his podcast here.