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Dennis Eidem

What do you do when you’ve lost your father, grandfather, and uncle to prostate cancer? When you and your two sons are at risk for the disease?

You ride your motorcycle across the country in 50 hours.

Dennis Eidem is doing just that.

In 1988 Dennis’ grandfather lost his battle with prostate cancer at 66. In 2010, his father Marvin was diagnosed after years of annual check ups. At the time, he was 68 years old and told by his doctor that his disease was slow-growing. He opted for radiation therapy, never missing a day of work. Two and a half years later, Marvin’s cancer had metastasized, a fact he discovered by breaking his femur while walking. He lost his battle with the disease shortly after, though he lived many months longer than his original post-metastasis prognosis.

Dennis, now in his mid-fifties, is a triathlete with two sons and a brother, all at risk for this disease. He has frequent discussions with his doctor about testing, and is sure to remain vigilant with his two sons.

I don’t want my sons to have to go through what I went through with my dad and prostate cancer. I take charge of my health and encourage them to do the same.

He knows that without increased awareness and funds for research, more men will die from this terrible disease. So he decided to do something about it – he’s riding from the East coast to the West coast in 50 hours to raise money for ZERO.

Riding my motorcycle across the country has always been a bucket list item for me. My sister has done a few ZERO Run/Walks and told me about the work they’re doing, and I decided to get involved. East to West in 50 hours, all for a vital, important cause.

Check out his fundraiser.