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Daniel Blount

Daniel Blount was 56 when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer through an annual check-up. However, after a prostatectomy and prostate bed radiation therapy treatments, his PSA still continued to rise at a steady rate. His oncologist then informed Dan that he’d need to begin hormone therapy immediately, but Dan wasn’t satisfied with just that one opinion. He began his own research on alternative treatment options, and his desire to understand all treatment options led him to the Mayo Clinic. After a second opinion, it was discovered that his cancer had spread, and so his new treatment plan included chemotherapy, as well as radiation and hormone therapy.

It was at the Mayo Clinic that he discovered an imaging technology – C-11 choline PET CT scan. Daniel made an appointment and his new doctor was able to use the C-11 choline PET scan to identify the exact areas where his cancer had recurred. He is now receiving accurate, targeted therapy to more effectively treat his disease. At the time, the Mayo Clinic was the only hospital using this FDA-approved technology, which is one of the many reasons Daniel encourages all men to both seek a second opinion and do their own research regarding the treatment and care of their prostate cancer.

Do your own research. Men with recurrent prostate cancer: Check out the advantages of the C-11 Choline PET scan. Why not explore a second opinion, or options outside of what your doctor has presented you? Go into your treatment decision with your eyes wide open; explore your options.